Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hello there.

A little bit quiet on the Tenacious front at the moment. I am nearing finalisation of the 0110 Writing Team but also holed up in an edit suite, having just finished producing and directing some startling documentary footage. More regularly than not of late, life has been taking me to lots of dark places with low oxygen levels, however, the results are always most congenial and by the look of the footage, this past shooting experience is no exception.

Being surrounded by so many courageous and remarkable men, women and children recently and then touched by their truly remarkable stories has been a terribly humbling experience. I've now sat in on the edit for more than 22 hours since yesterday morning - such is the vast amount of gobsmacking and heartrending footage we shot.

The rough edit is very much on it's way now and I can only hope the final cut shows these amazing people for what they are - strong, selfless and without a doubt, heroes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just Passing By

I drooled a little bit into the 0110 diaries. Apologies.

Normal service will hopefully resume here soon, after a little shoot. In the meantime, please don't fight over all the same toys again. Thanks.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fifty-Seven to Six

I have caught myself sighing a great deal this week; I have also been screwing up my face into positions a contortionist would be impressed by. This, my dear reader, is what comes of trying to shortlist a writing team of six from fifty-seven high quality applications. It's really tough, I can tell you, and it will still not be until (at least) mid next week until I know what's what.

Knowing a great deal of writers personally has been a blessing and a curse in itself, so I have had to operate on "corporate HR level" like I used to when hiring & firing years ago. It's a really tough, clinical way to do things, but to begin with, emotions have to be locked away; the bare facts & statistics looked at. End of. I really hate writing that: I have been at the mercy of this thinking many a time over the years, but 'tis the way of the world (I wince).

To a degree, I am still 'some bird who people kinda know the name of' pitching to 'The Lovely People Who Decide' on a regular basis, but I am building my facts, statistics and raising the bar by the day. Let's face it, you don't get contracts/commissions purely because you're 'nice': you get them because you have an aptitude, the ability to manage expectations and deliver the goods - and that's what the 0110 Team is about - that and the group dynamic which will become so very, very important. But what about raw talent, I hear you cry? Well, I can safely state there wasn't one CV/resume I was not impressed by. There is so much talent out there it makes me sad I can't use everyone - and that's the utter truth.

So far, this has already been a fascinating journey and one which will continue going from strength to strength. I hope you do/are enjoying the insight - if I can really call it that - although it's probably more along the lines of total waffle most of the time! I could, of course, just stay quiet until it's all done and dusted, as it's sometimes quite difficult to find that balance between saying too little and too much. However, I personally find it quite interesting to follow the process from early days development through to post production, as no two people ever find the journey the same.

Most of the updates concerning "0110: Twisted Tales & Glorious" will be on the official website diaries from now on, as I have plenty of other things to drone on about here. I will of course update you with the links here when there are juicy bits to read - within reason - as I am quite a shy, retiring person at heart.

Was that a snigger? Hmmmm? Cheeky.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Last Call

Hello, you talented bunch.

Just a little heads up to tell you that as of close of play tomorrow - that is, 17:30 Monday 7th September 2009 - no more submissions for the "0110" writing team will be accepted.

If you don't know what it's all about and still want to get in touch tomorrow, click here.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Opportunity Knocks?

I'll just going to leave this little note for you and then I'm off. Okaythxbye.


Brave Soldier Films are currently developing the Pilot episode for a very unusual 6 x 60 min TV drama series devised by Lara Greenway, and now seek writers to join the Writing Team. There will be six writers in total and although the Team will work together on the overall theme for the Pilot, series arc and objectives, each scribe will write their own screenplay for the Pilot and then for the episodes, if the series is successfully commissioned.

Each episode of "0110: Twisted Tales & Glorious" - to give it's full title - will be a collection of six tales of varying lengths, all with a similar theme; an up-to-date take on "Tales of the Unexpected" and "Hammer House of Horror", scribes with ideas for unusual tales with a twist or a sting, are just what "0110" is looking for.

As this project is currently collaborative and the Team will meet for regular development meetings, it may be more feasible for writers to live in or vaguely around the Greater London area. However, if you are interested in this project but are based further away, you will need to be happy to travel to London once the Team is finalised.

If you would be interested in becoming part of this very exciting project, please email a brief biog or resume to 0110*at*bravesoldier.co.uk in the first instance. Please do not send any scripts or writing examples at this point as they will be deleted, unread.

For a little more information please take a wander round the 0110 website where all future developments will be announced.