Sunday, March 30, 2008

Belated Happy Birthday

My oh my, these posts have become very few and far between, of late, but I guess there has been an awful lot going on.  I hang my head in shame as I even missed my Blog's First Birthday - a total bloody disgrace that.  Hell, I nearly forgot my own Birthday this year too.  Let's hope I don't miss The Kid's First Birthday...but not much chance of that, I don't think.  Mmmmm.  Let me see.  Missed Birthdays: if I have missed yours and didn't send you e-flowers via Facebook, please accept my deepest, most sincere apologies.

So, The Kid.  Lots of Bloggites out there have been asking after him - well, he's fine and dandy, thanks - I'll update you all with a piccy of him soon.  He had a ball with his Grandparents whilst the slopes were duly carved up by his Parents. The snow, skiing and food/drink were great and I even managed to get a bit of recce stuff done and shoot a few location reminders for an outline I have been working on for a while.  Lovely.  But to return home on my Birthday (which is why I nearly forgot it)?  Bummer.  To return home on my Birthday to The Kid teething very badly?  Double bummer.  So, after his nasty rash/fever/high temperature/drowsiness panic, trip to the docs, investment in Calpol shares (now, of course, kept behind the counter), I am proud to announce last Thursday's arrival of The Kid's Very First Tooth, which is closely being followed by The Kid's Second Tooth, and what razor blades the little blighters are.  I am so glad he has his milk from a bottle.

Moving on.

So, what else has been happening, then?  Oh, my.  I don't know where to start as there really has been an awful lot!  I have been making tentative steps back towards "selling my wares" again, which has been very strange.  After such a long time off camera, it feels a mighty bit odd (and a little displaced) getting back into the swing of castings etc again.  In fact, it is almost quite amusing, in a "You know what?  If I don't get this job it really isn't the end of the world!" kind of way, because The Kid will still stick his fingers up my nose and giggle when I am feeding him his bedtime bottle, no matter what.  Grounding - I believe that's what it's referred to as.  However, as luck would have it, I have been granted a lovely (and very exciting) opportunity starting in the not-too-distant future.  I can't reveal much at the moment but I can say it will be on screen and I am really looking forward to it!  I promise an update soon...

I hope life is treating you all very well.