Monday, June 25, 2007

The Vulcan Is Amongst Us

Thanks for all the lovely messages and emails, cyber-aunts & cyber-uncs! Wow, I'm tired - but on the brighter side, 22lbs lighter. Still a way to go before I can get back into those size 8s, but never mind, I guess I have a good excuse. I tell you - forget the all night (re)writing sessions - they've got nothing on this motherhood malarkey.

I can't believe The Kid is nearly two weeks old; I can't believe how long it seems, but on the otherhand, how it has flown; more to the point, I can't believe The Glenster is going back to work this week and leaving me to deal with this bundle all on my lonesome. Very scary indeed. Could be a while before I am back in Blogland properly - purely based on the sheer amount of washing this little bundle of joy has created so far. And let's not go near the sleep deprivation discussion.

So, a quick response to all your lovely comments:
Good Dog - Thanks mate but no, he's not letting me have ANY sleep (or so it seems)
Lucy - Aaahhhh, truck on the inside - yes, and roadkill on the inside too and please do update me on the social when arranged.
Jason - Those much referred to mittens were to stop his Freddy slasher mode - very sharp nails!
Lianne - He's well - I'm just totally in a daze!
Pots - Yours for a tenner...shall I send him to California? ;)
Pillock - Yeah, he's not too bad really - he's his Daddy's double!
Far Away - I thank you!
David Bishop - You should have seen the right hook he gave The Midwife Who Came Too Close ;)
Dom Carver - All I can say is: Get. Some. Sleep. Now.

Ok, better get back to Mother-like duties...but first, here's one to embarrass The Kid on his eighteenth...and like most good Vulcans, he's having a telepathic moment.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Kid Arrived...

This will be a very short post as I am suffering from sleep, humour and common sense deprivation - as a few of you may have guessed, my lack updates has been due to the arrival of The Kid - and luckily for me it was before my induction was due. I am taking a little maternity leave for the next couple of weeks, but I will be dropping by here and there.

So, the gruesome details? You don't want to know. "Hit by a truck" was Lucy's description - I reckon "roadkill on the M25 in Friday rush hour" more suitable.

So, bloggite cyber-aunts and uncles, I would ask you to welcome into the world Callum James, my little boy, born 09:42, Tuesday 12th June 2007.

Let the celebrations begin...just wait a week or so before opening the really expensive champers please - I'd love a glass.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Still Here...

Just a very quick update for all those passing by after their busy weekends: The Kid has not made it's appearance yet. Very annoying that, especially having to forego all those lovely courses - I should have booked on one regardless and that would have guaranteed an arrival without a doubt.

I spent the weekend feeling not particularly great - slightly worse than during the week - so it can't be far off. Just need this little sod to come along before Induction Day...which is now tomorrow night. Urgh. Scared.

Good Dog pointed out to me that Stephen Merchant is sitting around doing bugger all according to Variety. Well, I'm sure he'll be relieved to know he's not the only one...

But at least I got to see the first part of "Talk to Me" last night - think I'll have to wait and see how it pans out before throwing down the gauntlet though. I just want to know how Beesley's tackle managed not to make a special appearance of it's own at that acute horizontal angle. Toupe tape, strapping, cgi - I have seen them all used in the past, but there seemed to be a lot more on show than those items would normally allow.

Meanwhile, Lucy, the cheeky little dynamo, has already posted the first of her notes from Adrian Mead's fab course held in Edinburgh over the weekend.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Rantings & Ratings

Here's a little something from "Variety" this week - I found it mildly amusing.

Hyphenates add fresh take to genres

In Britain, where a "season" of a show might easily be six carefully crafted episodes, it's commonplace to see a Ricky Gervais write every script and star in every episode. American TV, though, with its 20-plus episode seasons, has long adopted a tidy assembly-line approach: Writers work in the writers' room, actors on the set."

The report then carries on to state there is a whole new clutch of writer-performers in the U.S. battling away the hours both on set and in the writers' room - but the general worry is the length of day they work esentially doing two jobs...although, the outcome is proving good, regardless.

Well, after years of us being successful multi-talented multi-taskers, I am sure once the U.S. have got the hang of the UK-style, they'll be fine. Bless.

Other things to have caught my attention this week, other than the fact The Kid hasn't made an appearance yet?

I see the Ch4 documentary on Diana failed abysmally in it's 'mass ratings coup'. Whilst 6.2 million watched Surallan do his stuff on "The Apprentice", 3.8 million tuned in to watch "Diana - the Witness in the Tunnel" - not too bad, but I bet they were hoping for more - and they only received 2000 complaints - most of which were received before the programme went to air. That makes it alright then.

Did anyone really believe the documentary was going to reveal the real truth behind it all? Guys, there are some things we will never know. Ever. End of. And you can take that as you read it - conspiratorial, fait a complis, whichever.

And finally, last night's "Big Brother" managed to convince 4.6m to tune in to see the much publicised racist slur. What more can I say?

Pass me that self-labotomy kit - or a ticket to the U.S.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


And there goes another week. It's been a mighty busy few days or so.

I'm glad to say the
short script is done, dusted and gone to the BSSC (many thanks to those who offered to read on the 'next' round on Pof3 but it was pretty much 'there'-ish - I will, of course, impose something else on you three in the not too distant future!), and much to my delight, the V+ Box seems to have had a word with itself and stopped turning everyone on TV a lighter shade of alien. It's always quite nice when technology sorts itself out.

On the other hand, I have been living in a bit of a bubble for the last few days and have not had the labotomy which would enable me to watch any BB on the aforementioned technology. But to top off all that bubble living, I have been having some major weird aches and pains which would suggest that The Kid is imminently about to make an appearance in the world - so, get the cyberchampers on ice, guys and gals.

This coming weekend is not only D-Day for me and The Kid, but it also features the most courses/masterclasses to be held over a few days, than I have ever heard of in my entire life.

If you are attending
Adrian Mead's bound-to-be-brilliant course, "The Long Distance Screen Writer" or Paul Ashton's appearance & talk at the Women Writer's Network, or Vogler's "The Writer's Journey", or Living Spirit's "Making it in Hollywood", or Rona Munro's "Writing, A Survival Guide", or Channel 4's "Four Days in June" (although, strictly speaking this is on next week), then please do post a comment here or a link back to your blog so all those afflicted with the wretched scourge, "cannotmakeit-itis", can read about the fantastic day/days the panacea-discovering rest of you had.

Looking ahead to TV this weekend (and programmed into my V+ in case I go into labour - that would be typical), the first part of Danny Brocklehurst's much anticipated "Talk To Me" starts at 21:30, Sunday 10th June, ITV. You can read how the series came about here and more about the man himself, here. I'm hoping it's going to be a good one to watch.

Right, I'm off to play with the baby monitor or something.