Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's here: "How To Be Dead"

It is finally Halloween - and as promised, here is the "How To Be Dead" pilot.

We really hope you enjoy our general silliness and want more, so in the meantime, please feel free to keep on re-watching this pilot episode if you really do enjoy it. You may not realise, but the numbers and analytics behind all this really do matter - it shows us where you are in the world and if we've done something right (or wrong - but hopefully not!). it? Then 'Like' it, please. Then tell your friends, family, colleagues and enemies to log in, click along, watch it and 'Like' it too - obviously, if they don't like it then don't hold them hostage or anything because that would be a bit silly. Do also feel free to leave a comment or just say hello - Death does get lonely and likes a good read when he's quiet...


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ready. Deady. Go.

Here we are then: the time is almost upon us, and How To Be Dead is ready to be born.  Of course, no-one will see it until it goes live next Wednesday, 31st October; no-one that is except me and Dave, who will probably drive ourselves utterly bonkers with stupid irrational nit-picky quibbles that do not qualify for any time spent thinking about them. But we will.

I hate this 'calm' period.  

This is the bit where we've all done as much as we can but no-one has seen it. It's the ultimate diet part of production when 7lbs falls off for no apparent reason. It's the time when I struggle to sleep for more than 3 hours solid at any given point. It's the "Should I have done xyz?" era.

Hey ho, it'll all be fine. After a nice cup of tea.

Talking of tea - if you are at the London Screenwriters Festival pre-reg drinks tonight, we'll be chatting on the 'Break on Through' panel. Do say 'Hi' if you're there. Failing that, we'll both be around and about the festival most of the weekend anyway. See you there.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Alive with Death.

Personally and professionally, 2012 has been an utterly mad roller coaster year - I can't believe it is nearly October to be honest, and more to the point, I have survived with my sanity still intact*.

So here I am, still at Tenacious Towers (even though the physical address has changed, we took the turrets and spooks with us), still working my ass off and still juggling The Kid's social agenda - and it's all good.

The end of this February saw the release of "Deviation" closely followed by "Hard Boiled Sweets" in early March, and due to uncanny stuff, I had the pleasure of having not one but TWO features playing at the same time in London's Leicester Square. That was mighty strange and quite cool, however, I was a bit naffed off as I couldn't get both cinemas in the same photograph. Next time I must ensure these uncanny things to happen next door to each other - makes for a better photo opp, y'know?

The summer of 2012 will always remain the Summer of Readjustment in my mind. Moving house, unpacking, packing, dashing off on partial holiday/partial work related stint in Spain, unpacking again (suitcases and house), six weeks' worth of washing, funky day trips to London with The Kid, making dinosaurs out of paper and wood (with The Kid), attending what seemed to be a continual flow of music festivals and car-related days out (with The Kid), trying to build furniture/garden stuff with one screwdriver and a small hammer (with The Kid) - closely followed by big hissy fits (me), tears (me) and the eventual purchase of B&Q's entire toolkit stock (me). A busy summer. And then 'we' went back to school and my 'real' work sleeves got rolled up.

During the early summer months, a brilliantly funny piece of writing by the delightful Dave Turner, was deposited into my mucky hands. Having asked me for some 'Producer' advice, Dave and I had a little drinkie meeting and by the end of it we had agreed to make the Pilot episode for this exceedingly funny new series. With both of us juggling work commitments, children and their poxy summer holidays, we decided to wait until the little bastards darlings went back to school thus giving us some peace to create.  No sooner had the younger generation started back in education, I dusted down my Director's hat which I placed at a jaunty angle to my Producer's hat, and off we went: the result being "How To Be Dead".  Having just wrapped on the pilot filming, I am still on a high about it all. We had the usual issues of people hearing the word "FILMING" and an onslaught of ££££££ signs popped into their eyes, but other than the odd awkward/greedy/rude/illiterate bastard, everything was bloody marvellous.

The cast and crew couldn't actually have been more talented, happy to be involved and lovely to work with if they had tried, and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the whole Post team turn out to be utterly wonderful too.  Who knew? It is amazeballs.

The Pilot Episode will be streamed from the website on 31st October 2012 (very aptly, that is Halloween, in case you'd forgotten), with the teaser trailer coming out a few weeks before.  It's a bit of a tight turn around for the team but everyone is embracing it with open arms, which is really very lovely and quite touching.

I do hope you will watch the trailer and the Pilot when it comes out - I shall pop back here to remind you closer to the time**.  The "How To Be Dead" Pilot promises to be very silly and a lot of fun and in my estimation totally deserves a series on TV, let alone the web.  But we shall see.  Until then...


* debatable fact, I realise...
** or you can follow HTBD on Facebook and The Twitter or even the man himself

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Demonstrable Deviation

It's been way too long since I rocked up here - many apologies. And the place looks like it could really do with a little dust and polish too...

I'm afraid I can't linger for very long as I have a couple of other things I need to attend to, but just in case you have been living on the moon or have taken a vow of social network silence, I thought I'd bring you up to date on the release of 'DEVIATION'. Yes, that's right - that was the film I popped off to produce just a smidgen over a year ago and is now imminently hitting the screens - all kinds of sizes and types of screen too.  

If you like your films on a big screen - the theatrical release is 24th February 2012; if you like your films on demand, downloaded, on DVD or BluRay, then the multiplatform release on 27th February is your date - but hey, you can even pre-order the DVD/BlurRay to arrive for then!  If you like films, but prefer to watch the c'lebs arrive for the premieres and parties then 23rd February is the date for you.  Watch this space for details of the premiere and a list of cinemas the film will be showing in...

It's all a bit of a weird time just now - a bit whirlwind-ish with so, so, so much to do and not nearly enough hours to do it in AND sleep.  But I know you lot, you'll be glad to hear I'm not just sitting back and enjoying it all: so I'll let you know I'm now in early prep for the next one, which we'll be shooting in April. 

More on that soon, but in the meantime (just in case you haven't seen it) here is the 'DEVIATION' trailer. 

Although lots of big online & supermarket retailers will also be selling it, these guys have it online so far...

Now be sure to pop in a pre-order for the DVD, won't you..?

Amazon BluRay
The Hut

Ciao for now. x