Friday, January 16, 2009

Week End

What a week it's been - I have totally neglected my little blog-baby this week, haven't I?  I really haven't stopped though - hell, I couldn't even make it to the SWF launch thingy (notes as written up by Sir Arnopp of Pokery) on Tuesday night, as, even that early in the week I didn't know my toosh from my whatsit.  But all this busy, busy, busy hasn't had a good effect on my well-being though, as I've been fighting a nasty case of popping-ears-sniffy-nose-gritty-eyed-golf-ball-in-throat-iritis. Yuk.

Well, I am now at re-draft number 4 of the first draft of my digital short, "Practice" and have managed to squidge in a light, first pass edit of my novel, "Taking the Fast Lane". Red Pen and I have been having a ball all week, so we have. I love the moments we share. Just so - inky.

I am going to make up a mood board for "Practice" tomorrow as I want to start conveying my vision graphically as well as literally - I am also likely to stick it up on the wall above my desk so every time I walk into/out of the room, I will see it and know whether it is 'right' or not. I also have an ever-evolving plot for a new feature rattling around my head - which is actually annoying me a bit at the moment as it keeps getting in the way, and therefore notes of which will more than likely be jotted down over the weekend to clear some brain space.

I have hardly even visited the Tenacious Towers' Entertainment Suite this week - all I managed to squeeze in was "Unforgiven" (ITV, Monday, 21:00) the new three parter written by Sally Wainwright (and I'm totally hooked), last night's ep of "Hustle" (BBC1, 21:00) (I am just loving the new team dynamic), and the "Doctors" episode on Wednesday afternoon (BBC1, 13:45), penned by the very talented Mr Campbell - and IMHO, an excellent job he made of it, too.  

And so, on to next week. It's going to be very, very busy from the outset with quite a few meetings, screenings and talks to attend, in addition to the many more rewrites (probably) and gazillions of emails and telephone calls in relation to the many more rewrites (likely). In fact, between now and April is pretty busy.

It's a strange thing, but even though I feel as though I have been squeezed through a mangle backwards these last seven days, I am still very happy/excited about the way it's all going. Probably just as well.



  1. phew. hope you're going to doss this weekend lara!


  2. Yeah, I watched that DOctors episode too! Good, wasn't it?

    Also watched Unforgiven and Hustle. The first was fab. The second was fun, but a bit Jonathan Creekish.

    Actually, I feel a short Unforgiven post might be gestating for the blog. Hmm.

  3. Potsy - no rest for the wicked, love. Just been out photographing possible location hotspots! x

    Paul - Y'see, it's your self-deprecation that I Keep up the good work, lad. Look forward to your Unforgiven thoughts. So to speak. x