Wednesday, August 05, 2009

VM Shorts 2009 Finalists

The Shortlist has just been announced! 'Tis unfortunate that neither myself or anyone I know is on it, but all the same, a very well done to those who made it! There are some cracking films on the list and I reckon it will be a tough choice...

Making the Difference (Andrew Oxley & David Williams)
Stalking Ben Chadz (Daniel Castella)
Mixtape (Luke Snellin)
Smooth Line (Declan Taafe)
Hiccup (Derville Quigley)
Grief (Darren Conway)
CGI Brows (Andrew Gaynord)
Gunslingers (Regan Hall)


  1. There's clearly been a terrible mistake!

    Well done to everyone who made the finals

    But HOSTILE should be there!!!!

    Only one solution - kill them all. You know it makes sense.

  2. Lucy V - you are quite simply, a nutcase. x

  3. Commiserations chuck!

    Actually Luke Snellin's name is familiar...

    Onward and upward! x

  4. i'm a bit confused how your film was the editor's choice but then didn't make it to this list.

    but hey, making these little films is good fun, provides more experience, and is better than sitting at home scratching your arse!


  5. Sorry to hear that Lara - but I'm equally confused that it could be Editors Choice and not one of the finalists! It's a great film though, so at least you have another impressive addition to your slate. x

  6. Thanks ladies!
    El - totally!
    Potsy - dunno, mate...think I'd quite like sitting around scratchin' me arse to be frank. ;0)
    Laura - Indeed, they are another two for the old reel - next!

  7. You don't know me... But I follow you on twitter.. Does that count?

    I wrote three little words...

    Should I be fearing for my life???

  8. Hi Dean - Did we not meet earlier in the year, ooop North? Regardless, welcome to The Tenacious Party and congratulations - in the most sincere manner, you must be thrilled! Well done!

    Just entering my stuff into VMShorts has opened so many doors for me, so I am really happy to have had my films 'out there' in the first place.

    Stay in touch and let me know how you go! Good luck! x