Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ready. Deady. Go.

Here we are then: the time is almost upon us, and How To Be Dead is ready to be born.  Of course, no-one will see it until it goes live next Wednesday, 31st October; no-one that is except me and Dave, who will probably drive ourselves utterly bonkers with stupid irrational nit-picky quibbles that do not qualify for any time spent thinking about them. But we will.

I hate this 'calm' period.  

This is the bit where we've all done as much as we can but no-one has seen it. It's the ultimate diet part of production when 7lbs falls off for no apparent reason. It's the time when I struggle to sleep for more than 3 hours solid at any given point. It's the "Should I have done xyz?" era.

Hey ho, it'll all be fine. After a nice cup of tea.

Talking of tea - if you are at the London Screenwriters Festival pre-reg drinks tonight, we'll be chatting on the 'Break on Through' panel. Do say 'Hi' if you're there. Failing that, we'll both be around and about the festival most of the weekend anyway. See you there.


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