Monday, March 19, 2007

Is this really it?

Perhaps, just perhaps. I may have finally done it. I have had two minutes to get this darn blog off the ground. Sick of being sighed at by Lucy et al, I decided it was time. Although I still don't know how I do all the things 'The Others' have on their blogs, but I'm sure I'll be told. Must just add it was lovely to catch up with y'all at Adrian Mead's excellent course in very writerly Bloomsbury on Saturday. Ass-pinching & boob-groping aside, it really was a splendid day.

So, here I am. The builders have gone - and left me in a heap of plaster dust - but at least they have gone. They forgot to take their spikey haired sparky with them, so he keeps popping up to finish power points, light switches, heating control valves and little riveting jobs like that. Actually, I'm not sure if he's living in the house somewhere and just hibernates over the weekend. Perhaps when I get round to the last packed boxes and cleaning up the final speck of dust (ha ha ha) I'll find his little den - or whatever electricians hibernate in. Until then, I guess he'll keep scuttling out of his socket den and find a wire to adjust.

One of the builders asked me why I had so many power points installed. My answer: I like having the power. It went over his head too.

Had better move on now as I really should unpack a pot, pan or something. Takeaways are wearing thin after three months. Until next time.


  1. Welcome to blogland Lara! Was lovely to meet you again on Saturday and ta for linking to me. I shall duly add you to my technorati widget linky thingy!

  2. Go on, have another kebab.

    You know you want to...


  3. Thank you so much and congrats for being the first person here!

  4. Oh gawd. Keeebab. I feel an acid reflux coming on RW!!!

  5. Hey, hello Lara, you made it here.

    Great to finally meet you.

  6. Hey GD! Glad you could pop by. Great to meet you the other day too.

  7. Welcome Pillock, good to see you here!