Wednesday, November 07, 2007

BSSC - Any luck?

So, we didn't win the rugby, football, Grand Prix or much else since my last post. I however, have been extremely busy. Not necessarily winning, but at least I've been getting on top of it all...

The Kid is growing up fast & furious - that's to say he's growing quickly, not in a fast or furious manner, or even remotely like any character in the movie of the same name. I have recently been sourcing & checking out nurseries for him to attend part-time in January as it looks as though there may be a long term contract on the horizon for me. Good-eee. More about that at a later date though - not talking details until it's signed, sealed and delivered. ;)

So, what's been happening out there? I see the BSSC finalists have been announced - has anyone I know been lucky?

I hope to be back to regular blogging sooner rather than later...ever hopeful!


  1. God I'd forgotten all about the BSSC still rolling on... So over it dar-link. Any comp that takes three thousand years like this should...hurry up.

    So you are alive after all! I heard a vicious rumour that you and the kid had been eaten by cats, as it was the only possibly explanation for your continued absence from The Scibosphere...

  2. Say hello to Little Man from me xx

  3. Lucy - Yes! I am still alive! Yipeee! I got through the colic, relux and medical professional b*ll**s and came out the other side! Yay! However, I think there's a bit of a smut, sarcasm and bullsh*t decline on The Scribosphere since I ducked out. Had better get my typing fingers at the ready ;)

    Pots - duly done! He "goo-goo'd" back. Stand by for a visual assault of photos soon...