Friday, February 08, 2008

There Be Snow them there mountains.

I'm on a month-long countdown to skiing and just how excited am I?  Very.  It's been far too long - you know - the whole pregnancy and childbirth/early rearing got in the way.  I'll be back in the Alps with a vengeance though.  The area I am going to has loads of beautiful snow dumped on it over the last few days - at the time of writing, 245cm of the fluffy stuff to be exact.  Bring it on & long may it stay!

So what's new with you all out there?  I have started up another blog, 
D-Generation, which is a fiction outlet (like this isn't, at times?!), which will gradually grow when the whim takes me; I am cracking on with the book stuff; have a few more irons in the fire here and there, including the ongoing contract which still hasn't come to anything yet and am generally trying to get things moving along again.  I mean, The Kid is 8 months old soon.  Time for me to pull my finger out, right? ;)

Just don't know what I've been doing with my time.  Honestly.

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