Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Matchsticks in Eyes

Tired. So very tired.  Yesterday was a great but long day.

After a quick catch up with TV Mate, I then had many giggles and interesting conversations with Potdoll whilst she suffered jet lag, I suffered from general sleep deprivation and the Barista suffered RSI due to the amount of coffees we ordered. After gassing endlessly without coming up for air, we made our way to the Monastic Productions/Ashley Pharoah/Matthew Graham Q&A which was really worth while attending.  I will post my [patchy] notes when I get two nanoseconds, but first of all I have to make sense of them before typing them up.  And then I have to remember to omit the [non Q&A related] rude things Potsy wrote on my notepad. Nobody need read those things.  Lol. 

So, after the really informative Q & A session, hosted by Kate Rowland (BBC Creative Director of New Writing) and a quick hello/goodbye to not-very-well Lianne (hope you're feeling better now!), an utterly entertaining wine-fuelled evening ensued.  It was great to meet the lovely Messrs Pharoah & Graham, more Bloggers and to finally catch up with Mr Perry and Mr Beckley. After many extremely amusing conversations and the discovery that Matthew Graham and I are actually cousins (NOT - but it's a long story), I then endured what seemed like a never-ending journey home. 

As I tottered out of the tube station and up the hill home, still giggling to myself about the nights' events, I looked at the time and realised there was quite possibly every likelihood I would be up and about again attending to The Kid within 5 hours.  

That soon wiped the smug smile off my face.


  1. Aw hon, it's nearly bed time now so you can go and catch up on some zeds!

    I LOVED every minute of both the talk, and your wonderful company!

    And thanks for grassing on me about the writing pad... that was close!

    Can't wait until next time!


  2. Hey, the pleasure was all mine! I can't believe I am sitting here trying to type up the notes I made - they're all over the place. No idea whether they'll make ANY sense!

    Oh and as for the writing pad - perhaps I'll scan it and run a 'Deciphering Competition'. Tee hee. I jest. See you soon. xxx

  3. Ah, look forward to your notes! Don't include mine lol!