Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Whooooppeeee Dooooop

I've got a ticket. I've got a ticket. And I'm going. Yes, I'm going.

Call me sad, but I was the really sad one when I realised I had totally forgotten to email Auntie about putting my name on the list for Matthew Graham & Ashley Pharoah's Q&A next week.  But lo and behold, if a lovely lady called Amy hasn't gone and granted me admission just for being at the top of the waiting list!  Wickedy-woos.  So, that means I can hopefully catch up with all 'me bloggy girlz' (and boyz) - send me a mail/leave a comment if you are going.  It would be great to catch up! 

So, not only did I manage to win at the National again (I only placed first, second, third and fourth nag...), I get to go hear about 'Bonekickers' too, which I have to admit, I am most intrigued about...



  1. I'll see you Monday, missus.

  2. A number of the usual suspects seem to be going - Ms Vee, Mr Arnopp, Mr Perry and indeed me - so hope to get to say hello!