Thursday, July 12, 2007

Well, well, well.

Oh jeez, it's been a long time since I posted last. Where the f*%* did those weeks go? I'll tell ya where...

Well, first of all - in a chain of stranger than the strangest of strange events - something mightily odd happened. I got a phonecall, completely out of the blue, from a friend of a friend who also happens to be an Exec Producer. Small talk aside (I haven't seen him for a year), we then get down to the nitty gritty of his call - would I be interested in meeting up with An Associate Of His to discuss being part of a writing team on a new co-pro ongoing drama destined for ITV? Bemused by everything he's said, I agreed a coffee and a chat would very much be in order, and we arranged a meeting for the very next day.

Next morning, the sun was shining, the barista got my order right, the tubes ran like a dream, and I toddled into Soho with loads of time to chill and check my 'scribefolio', but still a little perplexed by how my name had entered the Execs' radar.

Then they arrived: Blackberrys in one hand, linen jackets in the other; we did the whole Mwah Mwah thing (I really miss that) and got down to business. So, it turns out I gave a really great off the cuff pitch a year or so ago to Exec Producer (I don't really remember it to be honest) and then very heavily voiced my opinion on the lack of US-style writing teams in the UK, and purely based on that plus an early spec script, they wanted my input and attachment to their Project.

We discussed the recent bout of dramas including 'Talk to Me' (which I ended up luuuuving) "True Dare Kiss" , "Cape Wrath" , "Dirt" and "Jekyll" and then they filled me in on all the pros and cons of the Project - which is absolutely brilliant, I tell you. Well, if that wasn't all gobsmackingly fab enough, they were actually looking for a verbal commitment there and then when my mobile rang, but being in a meeting of such excitement I obviously switched the call to voicemail. To cut all the boring contractual bits out, Exec went to the loo and Associate went to get more coffee in - and I checked my voicemail. What I heard was just beyond belief.

An old colleague friend of mine had left a message telling me his kids' TV series - for which I had written a spec script or two - had now been signed and greenlighted (green lit??) and he wanted me to pen 6 Eps. I mean, can you believe it? Was I having a dream day or what? Forty eight hours later I am signing two fantastic contracts and Exec Producer is asking me to pitch "a few more ideas" in a couple of weeks.


All that, plus a month old baby who cries for 75% of each day due to the reflux and colic he's had since the day he was born. And if you believe any of the [work stuff] above I'm a better writer than I feel at the moment...

Sorry if you felt a little envious - but there really was no need. I lied. Big fat lies. I mean, come on - when do the tubes all run on time AND a barista gets your order right? I had to have a laugh somehow as the mass sleep deprivation is really getting to me...

Plus, if thetvcontroller can do it...



  1. Nuts. I was hoping you'd cut me in on your deal!!!!!!

    It's boys for you Lara - they like to complain from the day they're born. Alf cried for 9 weeks solid from colic when he was first born. It did stop. Honest. I had gone deaf, but it did stop.

  2. Mate, if it had been true, you'd have been first on the list!

    9 weeks...oh god. Please make sure I only drink from plastic cups next week - best I don't go near sharp objects ;)

  3. SQUEEEEAL!! I totally bought every word of that! ACe!

    My daughter WAILED AND SCREAMED AND KICKED for nine weeks from Colic too. It was hell. You feel so helpless and guilty and... mental and knackered and... mental and knackered.

    If I ever have another baby I'm going wear ear plugs or ipod.

    Aw, gutted I missed the rest of that Daniel Brocklehurst drama. Did anyone tape it?

  4. Can't believe you'd go through it again nutter.

    I have all of 'Talk to Me' on the V+ hard drive - there is a way of putting it onto dvd...will try and figure out how and let you know if I succeed!

  5. really - that would be BRILLIANT!

    don't put yourself out though, i know how precious time is at the mo...

    i can't believe i'd put myself through it again either - why do you think i was so keen to adopt yours!?

  6. I was with you there!

    Have you tried an anti-colic bottle? Worked with my daughter - haven't a clue why though...

  7. I found Talk To Me utterly compelling. Happily, the whole thing's already out on DVD.

  8. Pots - just realised a small problem...when we switched to V+ (it being a hard drive recorder) we put the video in the loft...oops, sorry! There must be a way of burning onto dvd via laptop though...but as David said, it's out on dvd anyway!

    FA - thanks for that - yes, he's on the Dr Brown's anti-colic bottles. There was a slight gradual improvement when we switched as he guzzles his milk, but I think the other half of this issue is reflux...why won't doctors listen!!!???

    DB - I am totally with you there. I have watched it twice already since TX and still want more! I was quite p'd off after the final episode as I really didn't want it to end...brilliant stuff!

  9. Doh! Never, ever playing cards with you. I was just about to congratulate you and wish you luck...

    What's this scar doing at the side of my stomach? Have you had away with one of my kidneys as well?

  10. Oh brilliant will get the DVD!

    I heard wrapping them up really tight works?

    Bless the little fella. It must really hurt them the way it makes them scream.


  11. GD - Very sorry there, me ol' china! Of course, you know if this had been true, all your names would have been put forward for the team, so don't be too hard on me! Mmmm, kidney for a change - I'll just open the chianti ;)

    Pots - I don't think dvds are illegal to bring home with you, are they? You don't need to wrap it up tight or anything...oh, you mean THE COLIC KID!!! Nah, tried it - he hates being hemmed in. Definitely my genes there!

  12. Ohhh, look at me, wandering into the party late and gettin' stitched-up like every other sucka.

    You weaved a skillful web of deceit, madam. Let's hope, though, that your story becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, hmmm?

  13. Oooh, just noticed I had thirteen comments, so I have to add another to sort that out.

    Lianne - sorry hun. What a laff though!

    Jason - skillful webs of deceit? Hell, let's hope so!

  14. Hold on a cotton-pickin' minute, Lara. You saying you wouldn't have replied to me 'n' poor Lianne, if it hadn't been for the prospect of looming bad luck? Shame on you! :)

  15. Jason, of course I would have replied! I just didn't want the self-fulfilling prophecy to suffer...tee hee. x

  16. You devil.

    You dirty, naughty devil.

    I'm so not coming to help when the exec producers come and offer you fantastic jobs for real.

  17. Piers - welcome to my humble abode and please accept my deepest, darkest apology. I'll never do it again. Promise. [evil laugh]

  18. Piers makes a good point, madam. You'll be The Girl Who Cried Multiple Commissions.

  19. You are so right...god, help me ;)x