Monday, June 25, 2007

The Vulcan Is Amongst Us

Thanks for all the lovely messages and emails, cyber-aunts & cyber-uncs! Wow, I'm tired - but on the brighter side, 22lbs lighter. Still a way to go before I can get back into those size 8s, but never mind, I guess I have a good excuse. I tell you - forget the all night (re)writing sessions - they've got nothing on this motherhood malarkey.

I can't believe The Kid is nearly two weeks old; I can't believe how long it seems, but on the otherhand, how it has flown; more to the point, I can't believe The Glenster is going back to work this week and leaving me to deal with this bundle all on my lonesome. Very scary indeed. Could be a while before I am back in Blogland properly - purely based on the sheer amount of washing this little bundle of joy has created so far. And let's not go near the sleep deprivation discussion.

So, a quick response to all your lovely comments:
Good Dog - Thanks mate but no, he's not letting me have ANY sleep (or so it seems)
Lucy - Aaahhhh, truck on the inside - yes, and roadkill on the inside too and please do update me on the social when arranged.
Jason - Those much referred to mittens were to stop his Freddy slasher mode - very sharp nails!
Lianne - He's well - I'm just totally in a daze!
Pots - Yours for a tenner...shall I send him to California? ;)
Pillock - Yeah, he's not too bad really - he's his Daddy's double!
Far Away - I thank you!
David Bishop - You should have seen the right hook he gave The Midwife Who Came Too Close ;)
Dom Carver - All I can say is: Get. Some. Sleep. Now.

Ok, better get back to Mother-like duties...but first, here's one to embarrass The Kid on his eighteenth...and like most good Vulcans, he's having a telepathic moment.


  1. I've got a place to stay on the 21st and NOT the 14th - so it's the 21st or bust for this social lark. Plus I'm thinking you may be less wobbly later rather than sooner - leaving the baby for more than 5 mins for the first time is a BIG deal.

  2. 21st sounds good to me - don't think I have anything in my hectic social baby diary for that date...

  3. This may explain where my brain's at right now, but when you mentioned the Vulcan reference, I looked to see if he had pointy ears.

    I am Doofus Man!

    Take good care.

  4. GD - bless. And here was me thinking the labotomy-like effect was just pregnancy related...must be one of those cyber lurgies after all ;)

  5. Actually Pots, considering the general current weight of his nappies - sorry, diapers - it'll cost me a fortune to send. I'll leave it 'til you get back if that's ok? ;) Hope you're having fun.

  6. Sigh. I suppose I can wait.

    Yes thanks I'm loving it, especially the weather. and the food...