Monday, June 11, 2007

Still Here...

Just a very quick update for all those passing by after their busy weekends: The Kid has not made it's appearance yet. Very annoying that, especially having to forego all those lovely courses - I should have booked on one regardless and that would have guaranteed an arrival without a doubt.

I spent the weekend feeling not particularly great - slightly worse than during the week - so it can't be far off. Just need this little sod to come along before Induction Day...which is now tomorrow night. Urgh. Scared.

Good Dog pointed out to me that Stephen Merchant is sitting around doing bugger all according to Variety. Well, I'm sure he'll be relieved to know he's not the only one...

But at least I got to see the first part of "Talk to Me" last night - think I'll have to wait and see how it pans out before throwing down the gauntlet though. I just want to know how Beesley's tackle managed not to make a special appearance of it's own at that acute horizontal angle. Toupe tape, strapping, cgi - I have seen them all used in the past, but there seemed to be a lot more on show than those items would normally allow.

Meanwhile, Lucy, the cheeky little dynamo, has already posted the first of her notes from Adrian Mead's fab course held in Edinburgh over the weekend.


  1. I was slightly disappointed by Talk to Me. I usually love his stuff. still i'm not ditching it because I have faith that I will get hooked.

    Do you think he taped his todger up for that scene? Maybe he's a girl?

    Have you had some raspberry tea? isn't that supposed to start you off?
    thinking of you xx

  2. Pots, I love his stuff too, so that's why I am holding out just now! But Beesley - a girl? Noooooooo. Never. Perhaps he wound it up and tucked it in, though?

    As for raspberry tea etc - the only thing I haven't tried is dynamite...which is proving rather difficult to get hold of!

  3. LOL! I think it's a sign of a contented baby that isn't in a rush to get out. How fantastic!

  4. Well, raspberry dynamite is a pretty rare item. Hope it goes well today

  5. I actually WASN'T disappointed by TALK TO ME, but I seem to be the only one around here... Tho I WAS disappointed by the lack of todger, he looked like he'd show it off TWICE, but he was just tantalising us, the git.

    Lara: I've told you before - SEX got you into this and SEX will get that baby OUT! HURRY UP! I wouldn't let my husband go to work when Lilirose was due...!!

  6. P.S - try eBay for the raspberry dynamite!