Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh dear...

Well, if it was a long time before, then it's a whole lifetime ago now. My last update, that is.

Up to my toots in dirty nappies and winning the tally on arguments with everyone in the medical profession - yep, that's me. I have been delicately informed that this first child of mine has been a "baptism of fire" and "the next one will be so much easier - you wait and see". Yeah, well folks, you can wait and wait and wait cos The Colic Kid is The One and Only as far as I am concerned. Far too much hassle and worry, these little sick uns.

ANYWAY. Moving on.

Whilst I was sleeping (in blogland perhaps; in reality - I just wish), I was tagged with a meme by that lurvly Bishop man...however, anything that requires more than 2 minutes of my time (apart from sh*tty nappies, my bed covered in baby puke at 4am and a cat disgruntled 24/7 by the lack of sleep...shame...) will have to wait a tiny little bit. Perhaps over the Bank Holiday weekend I will have five minutes to consider this little meme.

In the meantime...VIRGIN MEDIA! WHY IS MY F*ING TV SERVICE NOT WORKING - AGAIN - YOU BUNCH OF MONEY STEALING, INADEQUATE, RIP OFF SHYSTERS? son is most irate at the lack of Teletubbies and I am most annoyed at anything that makes my son know, anything for an easier knee caps. Comprendez? Good.

Lost the plot. Again. Til the next time: have a good Bank Hols one and all. Mwah, mwah.



  1. Is the colic still ongoing or has the wee lad been branded The Colic Kid forever?

    Tell yourself it could be worse. Say, for instance, the cat could be disgruntled because at 4am you used it to wipe baby puke off the bed.

    Got a friend who moved to LA and to make sure his daughter knows something of American culture he's been showing her all the old BW comedies. Now, it seems, she wants to go to school at St Trinian's.

    So there are alternatives to Teletubs. Hopefully you can find something.

    Have a great Bank Holiday

  2. Stick with it Lara, the colic will pass. No, really, I promise. My daughter never had it but my son more than made up for that. The colic resolved itself into projectile vomiting. I tell you, my carpets were never dry.

  3. GD - He will forever be The Colic Kid to me...and blogland.

    Elinor - He is also suffering from Vomiting of the Projectile Kind. Ain't kids just marvellous? Stick with it? Guess, I have no Besides, when he smiles it makes it all worth it (projectile vomit from me at that statement...)x