Monday, August 25, 2008

2012 Olympics

The London 2012 Olympic party at The Mall yesterday was fun. There are no other words to describe it - it was just plain good, old, fun. Really young kids rubbed shoulders (or knees) with really old people; everyone waved their flags at the appropriate moment and cheered for the Olympic legends and musical interludes. People smiled. Laughed. Jumped up and down with positive energy gleaned from the masses.

No matter how much of a verbal kicking this country is given (or gives itself), if we could just bottle 1% of the atmosphere on The Mall yesterday we would win Gold all round.  So please stop whingeing, everyone, about the cost, taxpayers' money, recession, the building site that is East London, the incapability of the Underground, the money that will be invested into everything athletic and nothing else, the fact that it's in London amongst all the Sassenachs, that some bunch of misinformed pillocks chose a totally inappropriate piece of artwork to showcase British art. On and on and on I could go.

Be proud to be British for a change - and stop taking it all so seriously! A few cock-ups here and there? Just have a laugh - after all, we Brits are known for our sense of humour - right?

And if it really bothers you that much?  Go write an award winning drama about it. ;)


  1. I’m really looking forward to it, being honest. There’s no event ever been held on planet earth that couldn’t have been improved, but that doesn’t make them unavoidably shite. Yes, Wembley was a disaster, yes civil engineering is not exactly what it was in the UK, but I reckon we might pull something half-decent off. I want to go and see athletes from around the planet amaze and astound me. What the logo looks like and who sings at the after-show celeb-fest is off my radar in terms of relevance.

    A few too many whiners on the air about this at the mo, methinks. ;-)

  2. Yay! Me too. Shall we form the Positive Olympic Department, or POD for short?!!