Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Hol-ee-dayz

Am early-ish and sharp-ish round up to the end of the week, as Tenacious Me is off to Edinburgh for a week of catching up with some new shows, talent and literati, plus lots of old friends.

If you are in Edinburgh yourself this coming week for the TV/Book/Fringe/Festival, then shout my name really loud in Princes Street. Failing that, leave a note here and I may force myself away from watching, listening and talking just long enough to check in.

If you haven't caught my short film yet and would like to, here's the link, but all that aside, the usual blog absence rules apply. Play dirty. Get drunk. Tell silly stories. Tell on eachother. Upload it to YouTube.

Anyone want a deep-fried mars bar brought back?


  1. wheee! have a great time! fried mars sounds vomitous but feel free to treat me to a slab of Tablet! yummmm

    on second thoughts I've just glanced at my thighs...

  2. have a happy holiday Lara!

  3. Have a good time. Hope you get to see some good shows. Wish I was there etc xx

  4. Happy holidays missus, have fun but not too much...

  5. Have a splendid time in Ed, am v envious but may yet make it up there for a bit of fringe

  6. I've wanted to try a deep-fried Mars Bar ever since I found out about them... but I fear it wouldn't be as good cold.

    Will get one next time I'm in Scotland myself.