Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday Shenanigans

Hello One and All.

A very busy week, mainly meetings and editing. Hell, I haven't even replied to many text messages this week, let alone hanging out at Facebook, and that's saying something.  Having stated that, a miniscule amount of my time has been spent working out how my World Domination Plans are coming along and then viewing this year's Virgin Media Shorts - I suggest you get on over there and vote for your favourite. There are some very strong contenders.

So, in what is becoming true tradition here are Tenacious Me, and to end a week full of marathon effort, here is a little silly to ease you into the Olympic Fever of 2008 which will be coming to a TV screen near you very soon. Before you know it, you won't be able to breathe without anticipation of Gold. Silver. Bronze. Lack of oxygen in Bejing. Whatever.  Just enjoy.


  1. Well that's convinced me. Life as a couch potato leading to a possible coronary seems a lot less painful. Oooouch.

  2. LOL i like the way some bloke starts clapping at the Balance Beam one!

    I can't find the films already submitted. i think i must be thick but all i see is a black page that lets you listen to the three songs... what am i doing wrong?

  3. Hi Rach - it certainly seems that way, doesn't i?! Can't wait to see all the opening night blunders...!

    Pitdull (!!!!) - take it you mean Swarovski?! I'll mail you the link.


  4. I'm sticking to the tixylix.

  5. *VERY* good idea, Elinor! Although a pole vault after a Tixylix Chaser would be fun to