Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back on Track

Crikey it's been a busy old week again at Tenacious Towers - and it's only Tuesday.

I finally managed to focus my brain, complete and submit my application for Think-Shoot-Distribute.  It was something I felt I really should apply for this year and although I am sure the competition is very tough, a girl's gotta try!  I have also been tweaking (and faffing) with the shorts I propose to submit to Digital Shorts '09.  

The various regional screen agencies will be gearing up very soon for the 2009 scheme to open, so if you've got some work you'd like to get out there, check out all the details with your particular screen agency. 

If you're not sure which regional agency you fall under, here's a titchy map for you to squint at - or click on the link to the full size map here.

I managed to get along to the UKFC Development Fund talk & networking event held by Euroscript last week.  It was a very good, relaxed event and I was really interested to hear the bare facts and figures from Tanya Seghatchian, Head of the Film Council's Development Fund.  The one lasting impression I came away with was: they read everything submitted.  And the magic formula for ticking their boxes?  Good, solid writing that works.  

Not rocket science by any means, but sometimes it's easy to forget the simple and obvious.

Last night I attended the Writers' Guild London & SE Branch drinks where Arnopp of Camden's absence was duly noted. I met lots of lovely writers, old and new - oh, plus fellow bloggers Perry & Beckley - and had some interesting chats laced with a teensy-weensy bit of alcohol. Ahem.  Nice bunch that Guild lot.  

My thought on the way home at midnight was, "if only the trains didn't stop so goddam early..." - my thoughts at 5am this morning when The Kid started were far less savoury.  Damn that Guild lot and their bottles of wine.


  1. My apologies - I've only just connected name to blog. I blame the alcohol.

    Nice to meet you, albeit briefly.

  2. No worries Paul! It was great to catch up with so many people and was a lovely night, I thought. We'll chat more next time! x

  3. Well, now you're putting in the applications, the need for sleep will instantly disappear! An addiction to cough syrup is the way, I'm telling you...x

  4. Oh ELinor, you Tixylix chick, you! x