Monday, September 08, 2008

Unidentified Bug

Well it's been writing and film mad, mad, mad, here at Tenacious Towers and what with one thing and another, it's been all go. But here's a thing that stumped me today.

I am hoping someone out there may know a thing or two about bugs - that is, colourful ones and of the garden variety. You see, whilst I was taking some time out and trimming one of the colossal lavender bushes in the T. T. grounds, I came across quite an extraordinary little beetle-y thing. Kind of like a ladybird with a petroleum-inspired colour scheme - or King Bling, as we named it.

Here are a couple of pictures I took.  It was very tame and most accommodating, and it liked my purple ruler as much as I do.

Any takers?  Just don't tell me it's worth a zillion quid as I placed it back, in a most Zen manner, exactly where I found it. ;)


  1. It was rather lovely, Helen, I have to say! Still none the wiser though!

  2. nope, never seen one of them before!

  3. Perhaps it's a super-intelligent alien bug and you've just saved the world from annihilation by being zen-friendly.

  4. lovely,
    I think we get them here too..

  5. Hey adaddinsane - maybe you have a point there. Perhaps it's the "end of the world" bug and I have just saved us all...

    Maybe it got here through one of those sci-fi like wormholes, FA?

    Forget Save the Cheerleader (TM)...Save the Bug, man!

  6. I realise I'm kind of late to the comment party here, but it could be Chrysolina americana, aka the Rosemary Leaf Beetle.

    I'm no beetle expert; I just happen to work for a wildlife conservation charity where there are such people floating around.

  7. Wow, Laurence! You clever little Doctor Doolittle, you!

    You're right - it's most definitely the very same brand of beetle I came across. Although I have to say, my photos are better. LOL!!!!

    Now I can tell even the most hardened gardeners I know, I have something they don't! Yippee!

    Thanks! x

  8. I honestly can't claim the finders fee on that one - I just asked one or two of the hardened conservation scientists around here.

    Me, I'd have just said "ooh! look at the pretty bug!"

    Your photos are indeed better. Upload 'em to flickr and tag 'em with the scientific name. Impress friends and colleagues :)

  9. Oh, you should have just kept quiet on that! Thanks anyway for solving the mystery, Sherlock! x