Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happiness is...

...remembering where you were in the past, when the chips are down in the present.

Today I heard I didn't get selected for this year's Think-Shoot-Distribute. Bottom burps. I knew there would be major competition and the odds were stacked with around 7 people competing for every one of the 25 places, but there was always hope and all that. Good luck to those who managed to get a place though. No - honestly. ;)

I spent the best part of the weekend and this week (so far) sorting out bits and pieces for my meeting with my screen agency next week, as well as second guessing the contents / requirements for the Digital Shorts submission this year. The submission usually includes a poster idea for your short and as graphic design was a previous incarnation of mine, I enjoyed designing the posters for the two shorts I hope to submit.  

Playing around with Photoshop got me thinking about those 'old days' - through rose tinted glasses obviously - and how easy life was as a designer.  Then I remembered the anal deadlines; working to 3am with no thanks; the office pr*cks; a company director with a stud muffin stress toy, and another with "an obvious flair for comedy" in the Board Room; the never-ending office sagas and politics; the red tape; the know-all who had studied at night school for an HNC so therefore knew how the Universe worked... 

Ah, yes. The old days. And that's where they can stay - in Ye Olde Memorie Vaulte.  If Ricky hadn't beat me to it, you can guarantee I'd be churning out the Tenacious Me version of "The Office"; all things considered, mine will have to remain covered in thick dust for a few more years yet.

On a brighter, more exciting note: there are only 92 days left until Christmas.

Ever onwards.


  1. office environments = depression, misery and resentment. x

  2. Especially if you work in a place that suffers from "Sick Building Syndrome". Yup. Go figure. lol. x

  3. Dear Santa, please may I have a stud muffin stress toy.

  4. They are not pretty. I warn you. And Santa may walk strangely. Euwwwww.

  5. In that case I definitely want one.

  6. Well, Elinor, you'll have to prove you've been a very good girl all year round in your letter to Santa. x