Monday, October 06, 2008

If at first, the idea is not absurd...

...then there is not hope for it"  - Albert Einstein.

It's all busy bees and business here at TT, and absurd goals are the flavour of this week/month/year.

I am gradually working through my checklist of bits and pieces for my Digibytes submission. I have four screenplay 'submissions' I would like to get into them - each 'submission' consists of a story outline, 25 words or less synopsis, publicity poster mock up plus previous writing example, biography, showreel and application form. It's starting to feel like a celluloid matryoshka.

I have two completed screenplays, two completed 25 words or less, three completed publicity posters, one story outline (I never outlined the longer screenplays before starting as the ideas were both born and written up at top speed) plus all the other application paperwork. I make that three outlines, half a screenplay and two 25 words or less to go. 

I find myself stuck between a rock and hard place most of the time as I need to nail all the "completed screenplay" paperwork so I definitely have two solid submissions to send off, but I am desperate to finish off the half written screenplay! Although it has my usual trademark twist near the end, it is so vastly different from anything else I have ever written, it's been quite fun. I really hope I get somewhere with one of them!

Then there's the outline for The Book for Kids. It's driving me round the proverbial and has had to take a back seat of late. All the storylines seem too scary, too intimidating, Over the weekend I had a leaf through books aimed at a similar age group and decided they are actually a bit scary and intimidating but can be read on both an adult and child's level, so that's fine. I think it will also work for TV as well, so that's fine too.

All this packed into just two and a half days a week (plus evenings and the odd hour here and there). If I had a whole week, I could rule the world. Ho ho ho. LOL. 

Hope you are all gearing up for a fun and busy week. 

Right then. Back to outlines...



  1. you do manage to achieve an awful lot in a limited time Lara.

    when I went to that Edge of Love talk the writer said she used to get much more done when her children were at home because she had to be organised with her time.

  2. Yes, I agree with Pots. The pram in the hall is NOT the enemy of promise. It's the only way I ever get any work done.

    It's all sounding marvellous! What is a matryoshka?

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  4. I'm such a pillock at times - that response didn't make ANY sense whatsoever. Delete.


    A very true thing that, Pots - I do have to be very organised with my time and prioritise every minute of the day - or so it seems!

    Elinor - it could all very well be marvellous, if it works out! A matryoshka is one of those sets of Russian nested dolls - you know - you never think they're gonna end and all that?!

    And with that ladies, I'm off back to an outline or