Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Snowing...

As I watch the fluttering snowflakes falling outside, this seems a very appropriate moment to carry out the tag order served by Elinor...

List the top five ways you distract yourself when you should be writing and then procrastinate some more by sending it to all those other writers who should really procrastinate more often (so we can all catch-up!).

Here they are:
  1. Watching snow falling/drifting (if not outside my window then via Alpine webcams) - a creative, visual release
  2. TV - could be seen as indirect research
  3. Gardening - it does actually help me rationalise plot holes/issues
  4. FaceAche - doesn't help anything
  5. Doing these memes/tags - ditto
Anyone who is reading this, hasn't completed the task and wishes to procrastinate - consider yourself tagged.

As for me - having been gardening most of the day and now in front of the TV completing this tag, I'm just going to check into FaceBook and then watch the snow fall again. :0)


  1. I could watch snow all day. It hardly ever snows in Edinburgh though, very annoying.

    Gardening sounds like a great procrastiation technique though - gets you outside and away from the desk!

  2. Gardening is a brilliant way to 'get away', Laura - there's nothing like clearing the decks at this time of year all ready and waiting for next year's bloom! A bit like a good solid outline for a new screenplay!

    I bet the Pentlands have got a dusting of snow now? x