Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's in the Post

Well, that's that, then - half a ream of paper filled up with my words, observations and nonsense is now pounding it's way to Screen East in Norwich.  

I started printing this morning and have only just managed to get to the Post Office, but this was mainly down to my printer not playing ball well enough when it came to the mock-up posters I had to produce as part of my submission.  

After a few arguments with myself about quality control, I went out to my local printy-place and the nice man printed my posters off. As I was admiring how posh they looked, he was looking rather confused at the poster for Brad Pitt's Pants - one of my screenplay subs.  I asked if there was a problem and he replied he couldn't remember modelling for me.  Funny man.  In your dreams.

When I returned home, Cat had been having a brilliant time playing with her sparkly toy balls. Unfortunately for me, she had obviously been running after her toys at top speed, couldn't stop on the wooden floor and had slid straight into my neat little piles of Screen East printouts on the floor, scattering everything everywhere.  After a few choice words, and fishing her toys out from the papers, I then had to reprint six story outlines which had been screwed up against the desk and/or slashed by her claws.  Little f*cker. 

Anyway, it's all gone now and as I said, that's that.  


Ah, yes, had a meeting yesterday about a new kids TV series which I am really looking forward to collaborating on - that'll be taking up a bit of my time from now, but at least I have practically finished my Christmas shopping: I gave myself the weekend off, remember?!

Whilst I am thinking about it, I emailed a peep at the Beeb yesterday for info on the new "rolling commission" protocol they are introducing for CBeebies which will be coming into force in January 2009.  All subs will now be via e-Commissioning (all info HERE) and full guidelines on the rolling commission will be released early in the new year, so if you have any children's TV submissions then keep your eyes on the CBeebies Commissioning area.

Bye for now. x


  1. Good luck! If there's any justice you'll get the funding and if there isn't, you can always fire bomb the bastards.

  2. Well done, Lara, sounds like you have lots on the go. Got everything crossed for you.

  3. Thanks both!

    Lucy - we both know how justice works but here's hoping anyway! x

    Andy - don't keep your fingers crossed in such a way you can't get on with your writing! x

  4. Who knows? Could lead to some unexpected plot twists.

  5. Aaah, so that's how it happens, Andy! There I am writing a perfectly normal screenplay and - BOSH - a twist appears. Crossed finger typing syndrome. Got it. x

  6. I want your cat!

    Good luck lovely xx

  7. Ta Potsy. Consider her in the post...lol. ;) I'll be interested to see if the screenplay she virtually destroyed is passed on, and the one she kept curling up on is taken up...she was non-plussed with the other two! This is the cat who knew I was pregnant before I did, afterall! x

  8. Indeed.
    Hey Lara did you install the new scribomatic widegt here - yours seems to be zapping by at a terrific speed compared to mine..

  9. Well it's all the busy, busy, busy that does it - lol! If you go to http://www.scribomatic.com/widget.php or click on your widget, go to scribomatic home page & then to "click here to get code" or something, it'll take you to the widget code - but on the right hand side you'll see drop down boxes where you can personalise the size/colour/speed etc of the widget before inserting the code into your blog - or of course if you're happy to do it, go into the widget html code already in your blog and put the scribomatic speed up to 3 or 4 - I guess it's probably set at 1 which is default...


  10. Sorry FA - I hope that makes sense to you...I am a bit of techy-geek on the quiet... ;) x

  11. Ta Lara, I'll see if I can work it out...

  12. how did your cat know you were pregnant before you? x

  13. FA - Hope you managed it!

    Pots - Well, "they" do say a cat always knows! She was never a 'lap cat' or very cutesy, cuddly, unless I was doing a late night writing session at the kitchen table & she'd curl up on my lap 'cos she was cold. Then suddenly she started jumping up on my lap at every opportunity, nuzzling at my tummy, purring furiously for ages, digging her claws into my legs if I went to move etc. I joked about the old wives' tale & then I found out I was pregnant. She gradually did it more and more until I had The Kid and then stopped. Strange, huh? x