Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cor Blimey, Mate - Time Flies and All That

Hello all

Just popping my head above the parapet for a nanosecond to check all is well in the Land.  

I have been terribly busy all week, what with one thing and another, and now it's very nearly the end of the week and I am already heading towards organising myself for next week which is also jam packed full of meetings here, there and everywhere!  Phew - and all this so close to Christmas too - it doesn't feel as though anybody is winding down for the festivities in a rush, that's for sure!  

I will also be going to see Santa next week as I need to squeeze in a trip to his grotto before Christmas - I have been a very good girl and I would like to tell him what I need this year.  Oh, ok, I thought The Kid would like to pull Santa's beard off, alright?

I may not get the chance to babble on too much for a few days,  so you could be pretty safe from Tenacious Tripe for maybe a week yet. I will return with a vengeance of course, and besides, I'll need to update you all on my Screen East interview.

I am reliably informed we have only 14 sleeps left until Christmas so  I trust you have all completed and wrapped your presents by now? Good. Thought so.  My tree's over, I said here...don't go leaving my presents under James Moran's tree by accident - he's got far too many baubles as well as commissions. ;)

Until next week - probably, but not definitely.



  1. I intend to leave a special present under Mr Moran's tree. It's wrapped up and ready to go, and by the 25th, it should smell reeeeeeal bad.

    As for yourself. Much luck with S.E. next week. Go get em.


  2. Ooooooh, rank kippers for the Moran Christmas day. Lovely. You'd better watch out, he's chucking around murder threats left, right and centre over at his place...

    Cheers for the wishes, mate! x

  3. Dear Santa: As arranged, make sure you give me any presents that were intended for Lara. Also, everyone else's presents are to be sent to ME, and ME alone. And don't forget the vial of orphan tears, I need those to feel alive. Oh, and as you're passing Dan Turner's place, flush your sleigh toilet - he loves it, the madman. Yours sincerely, TV's James Moran