Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tenacious Shindig - All Welcome!

Hippy Happy Blog Birthday to Tenacious Me!

It's been an enjoyable and compelling two years with far more dissemination and tantrums to look forward to in the future, I'm sure.  

So please...

Help yourself to the sausage rolls, cakes and a few glasses/troughs of whatever takes your fancy. It's all just over there, in the East Wing. Yep, that's it - you got the right door. 

Just don't snaffle the helium balloons though. I need them for my party trick later.  

Now, could someone please tell the DJ to turn up the music and then clear this Slapper up?  I thank you.


  1. A pippy-pappy blogathonic bthuthday. Mmm, jaffa cakes...

  2. Adds - leave some jaffa cakes for everyone else, please. Have some vodka jelly instead.

  3. Fuck, I used to live with the girl in that photo.

  4. Well, Phill - WAKE HER UP AND GET HER OUT OF MY GROUNDS. She's making the place look untidy. Thx. x

  5. I've posted an invite on Facebook, so you're probably going to have a whole bunch of drunk kids along to steal your carpet.

    Happy Blog Birthday.

  6. Phill - please. Just taker her away. She's been there since 11am.

    David - Well, thanks a lot - and they're persian originals. Now I have to dig the door staff out of retirement. Tsk.

  7. Happy Blogday Lara! I love that woman!


  8. Ha!
    Missed the party. Belated blogday wishes

  9. Near By - I kept some vodka jelly especially for you. It's in the fridge...yup, just there... x