Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shiny Sunny Daffodils


Oh, hello - didn't see you peeking over the garden gate.  Isn't our weather delightful at the moment? I've almost got a blush of a tan across my newly-freckled cheeks, or perhaps I am just a little warm?

So, here I am - officially a year older and most definitely a year wiser, of course.  I absolutely detest the month running up to my Birthday - I have no idea why, I just do - so much so, this is the time of year I normally go away to some high mountain ranges and carve up some serious snow. However, due to many commitments this year, unless I get a sneaky weekend in very soon, there will be no ski thigh burn for me this year.  I shall just have to attend the gym far more instead. 

Talking of the gym, whilst (apparently) undertaking my best Lara Croft impression on the treadmill (you know I've never heard that one before...), I came upon a brand new idea for a web-based project. Early, early days yet, but very exciting all the same. It could actually work and it made me run even faster. I skipped home with glee and jotted down the idea, closely followed by a short story for a competition. I like the gym effect, me.  Not quite as succinct as the ski effect, but good all the same.

So, had a long, leisurely lunch with the exquisite Spencer yesterday to discuss our very early pre-pre-production plans for "Carver" teaser trailer and finance avenues for the feature. All very exciting - well it must have been, as the basic gossip subject matter managed a mere 260-odd comments on Facebook.  Fancy that, eh?  I love a good horror flick, me. Arf.

Other than that, there's a sense of calm before stormy-ness, which is fine as I have a few more planting beds to turn over in the warmth of the sunshine.  

Right, better be off as I have to be at Heathrow for 06:00 tomorrow.  Milan here I come.  If only.



  1. Happy Birthday. Of course you should go to Milan. You deserve it.

    And how do you stop going nuts on the treadmill. The gym I used to go to didn't have TV or anything so you only had the sweaty back of the step enthusiast to look at. Yuck.

    And just discovered I started my post with a tum-te-tum and you did a dum-de-dum. Is it the time of the year? Spring in the air and all that? I'll have to start skipping down the lane I suppose. Scaring the sheep in the process.

  2. all go round here then.. Lara