Friday, May 22, 2009

Are We At Speed Yet?

Ahem. Hello there. I've been a little bit busy of late but I'm taking five minutes out of my schedule to check you are all okay out here in the big wide web. All heart me, I tell you.

I have no idea where anyone is, what day it is, what you've all been up to or anything beyond my immediate attention radar, as I have been encapsulated within the big, bouncy bubble that is pre-production, with not more than even a nanosecond being trounced by FaceAche, Twitter or Blogosphere.  

The Tenacious Towers' east wing became one major trip hazard recently as it's been heaving with props, costumes, kit and paperwork for a good while now, however, I don't actually feel as though I live at TT anymore, having spent so much time at the production base and the set being created for...oh right, yeah...I'm shooting two short films, you see - "Runner" and "Hostile" - in two days, next week. 

I am tremendously excited and can't wait to work with the amazing cast and crew who have embraced both projects with so much vigour. I'm delighted to announce Alan Mckenna, Mary Healey, Morgan Deare, Mari Gordon-Price and Annette Ross make up my wonderful cast and amongst the vast array of talent found in the crew are Neil Oseman, DoP, Jess Alexander, Production Designer, not to mention the brave man who has jumped straight in at the deep end, Production Co-ordinator, Peter Getkahn - who has even scheduled my emotional breakdown for later next week, after we've wrapped, of course. Good man.

Well, I need to go now and slowly rock with a shot list in my hand or something. Actually, I really do jest, as I am remarkably calm. Of course, Peter would say it's my calm before my storm. He's probably right.

Catch you on the other side of the tempest that is Production.


  1. wow!

    sounds great.

    must remember to book in my emotional breakdown too!


  2. Your Royal Pottiness, pls don't schedule yours for the same time. If we both go at the same time we could cause a global meltdown... x ;)

  3. Good luck for the shoot my lovely! Can't wait to see it!