Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's in the Can

Hello angel, 

I like that saying - it's in the can - it conjurs up images of heaving masses of 35mm whizzing as a multitude of camera assistants scuttle around bowing to a Terry Thomas-like Cinematographer. So, in this age of digital tomfoolery, what can we say?  It's in the card?  It's in the hard-drive? Or my favourite quote from this week's shoots - it's on the MacBook Pro, the external drive and the network: I am taking no chances with these babies.

What a bloody wonderful week I have had: in fact I have so much to say about both of the shoots and films, that I may, quite literally, bore you to death - so just take it from me, we all had an awesome week!  I had a very specific 'look' I wanted for each film, and I truly believe the images [now] on screen are a total carbon copy of the visuals in my brain. I said to everyone it was almost quite freaky as it was as if someone was downloading my brain onto the monitor before my very eyes: having seen all the footage again over the weekend, never truer words have I spoken.

My casts were incredible: a bunch of achingly talented seasoned professionals - including Alan Mckenna and Annette Ross playing the leads in "Runner" and "Hostile" respectively, Mary Healey, Mari Gordon-Price and Morgan Deare - who all added a buoyant energy on their side of the lens that just kept me rattling through my shot list like wildfire. My crew were totally fantastic and coped admirably with two vastly different shoots - one being a black comedy and the other being a drama (or in the words of one crew member: a total mindf*ck). The second shoot, "Hostile" was always going to be a sh*t of a design job with so little time and so much to achieve, but Production Designer, Jess Alexander, just cracked on with it all and pitched it perfectly, just like I knew she would. I also always had a suspicion I would work extremely well in this situation with my DoP, Neil Oseman. We have know each other for a long time now and worked on lots of projects from voiceovers to feature stuff - but these occurrences have generally featured me on the 'other' side of the camera or mic and apart from my recent promo, this was new ground for us.  However, I was not prepared for the 'unsaid connection' we have forged which allowed us to virtually mind read each other and therefore set up the shots, look and feel of the pieces with very little communal dialogue. It made the shoots very special and happy for all of us and I think that will show in the end product(s).

And so to Post-production tomorrow and back to driving my Editor mad with stories of how his edit suite feels like he's removing my life force with rusty, fetid, blunt instruments of filmic torture :)  I hope to have a rough assembly turned round for both films pretty quickly in order to be moving towards picture lock, music composition and the sound mixes fairly swiftly.

I have the beautiful set & location stills winging their way to me as I type - lovingly snapped by Mark Spencer - and so will post a couple when I have a minute or so, but for now, I have the terribly mundane tasks of cheque writing and contractual paperwork. Zzzzz.

I love it really - every single good and bad second of this crazy, crazy business - but the scary thing is, I am already getting twitchy about my next project. Crikey m'am.

Have a good week all.


  1. ooh what's next then doll?

  2. Feature. Christ, we'll need a large bottle of something and a long night to chat about that one... ;)

  3. For the inside info or the bottle of whatever? Ha ha ha! x