Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Codec Crises

Sweetness, if I hear the word codec again this week I may have to stop my very own hand from throttling my very own neck.

I have been locked in a padded cupboard at TechGeeks UnLtd since my last post and only just managed to escape this morning. I came home via the gym as a good workout was required to both keep on top of my training and release a little angst, but, for all my escape plotting, I needn't have worried. It has been a fairly quiet day - mainly thanks to the 'c' word - so I treated myself to a day of writing. Yeah, fancy that! Time to write, eh? Jeez. I'll have time to cook next. There was something really special about focusing back on a script again - it was very exciting and bucked me up out of my post-shoot/edit dip. I hate those dips. You feel all alone after feeling all over the shop. It's a weird place.

So, I did a little re-write of a (very) short I wrote a couple of months ago. It is terribly dark and oppressive and the Production Designer is going to have a field day, but I love it for all it's manky skankiness. The fact I love it is probably just as well, as I fully intend to shoot it very soon, it being one of three possibilities for my Virgin Media Shorts entry.

Everything is pootling along nicely with general work and most aspects of "Project Mute". Lots of chats and meetings are lined up over the next couple of weeks which will all be very fun, but there is also a hell of a lot of paperwork to wade through in relation to both the project and Company things. I was hoping to hold out on going Ltd for a while, as it really isn't something I have much time to deal with at the moment, but it looks as though it'll be unavoidable for much longer. More accounts, VAT, accountancy bills etc. Boring. Yawn. Snooze.

So suffocation by paperwork aside, all in all, it's good. Someday soon, I may even upload the promo/teaser trailer I have been working on. Codec allowing.

On, on and onwards.


  1. And isn't it annoying when you compress on one machine then go to play it on another and find it has a different codex loaded?

    I can feel your blood pressure compressing those plasma gaps between your corpuscles (had to look up how to spell that)just at reading that word.

    Hope you've found time to cook or at least eat.

  2. Rach - I'm glad you feel my pain. I'm having to work hard on the food angle, but I am a whizz on chroma subsampling ratios, downsampling and wavelet transformation now. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    All I wanted was an effing DVD... :)

  3. i have never heard the word codex before.. should i be worried?


  4. No...celebrate, Pots! x