Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Long Arm of the Law

I'm briefly back in the Land of Blog and oh, what a ball I've been having. More about all of that like Chinese drip torture in the weeks ahead, I'm sure.

So, here we are, April already, and the trial of Corrie's Tracy Barlow topped the TV ratings last night at a peak of 13.1 million: a mere 55% share of the viewing public. Now that's what I call a solid figure. And then I find out the grand finale of ITV's 3-parter "Mobile" (which surprisingly lost approx. 300,000 viewers on last week's ep) was pipped at the post by BBC's "Crimewatch".

So what does that tell us all? Real or fake, Crime Pays. End of.

So, before I rush off to dust down and rewrite yet another draft of my murder mystery, I just have to leave you with the following advert from an e-Bay type site. This is absolutely as I came across it - I haven't doctored a thing for comic slant. A true future classic.

"Offered: Pregnancy Test Kit
Offered is the remainder test of a pack of two. It is in its new box and in a sealed wrapper complete with instructions. Expiry date 10/2008. Have used one test, have no use for this so will just go to waste unless someone can make use of it??"

I will update you on if it sold and if so, how many bidders there were...


  1. That is fecking hilarious my friend. And I wish I'd thought of it, since when I got pregnant last I had one left. Tried palming it off on various siblings and friends but it ended up in the bin, its destiny unfulfilled! If only I had thought of eBay. *Sigh* Having said that, the pregnancy test manufacturers got more than their money's worth out of me 'cos it took no less than FIVE tests to confirm Lilirose was actually there - I said she was, no one else believed me. Got pregnant in July, finally confirmed in September. WTF??

  2. Jeez, Lucy, I cannot believe it took them so long to verify. I mean WTWTWTF? Mind you, my Doc told me to go away & come back in a week or two as I was probably imagining it. "So, Dr X, guess I am imagining the excess 100 stone I seem to be carrying, too?"