Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Virgin Media - what's going on?

Just flipped on the TV. Oh dear. Virgin Media - WTF? The consultancy who charged you a zillion quid for that 'design decision' was severely having a laugh. No honestly, guys, there's no Ricky Gervais here. They really were.

For non-VM customers, please let me explain.

We used to have a little pale blue/dark blue information bar when selecting channels, flicking through the TV Guide, on demand etc. All information pages were of the blue pallete. But we have this Black and Yellow colourway thing going on. Instead of moving to their Virgin reddish pallette, somebody has splattered a beehive over all the informaton pages. I can see my email now:

"Dear Virgin Design Team, was your decision-maker a London Wasps fan?"

Perhaps it's colour-coded by football area - my local Prem team being Watford FC.

Are you in another area with the same gross and migraine-inducing change?

Aah, the Glenster has just informed me that the 'new look' is in line with the V+ service. Now I know what it stands for. Vomit Plus.

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