Thursday, April 26, 2007

You're It!

With gracious thanks to the delightful and erudite Riddley Walker I have been honourably been tagged with a meme of my Five Goals. With my utter lack of concentration at the moment, these have taken a considerable amount of energy to produce and I would probably revise them at the drop of a hat, but here no particular order:

1) Pay off my mortgage. What more can I say? With interest rates teetering on the brink of rip-off city once again and echoes of Black Monday making me shudder, I just want rid of the darn millstone for once and for all.

2) To be wholly 100% happy with who I am and what I am trying to achieve in life. Not much to ask, but a tough one. This also includes getting to grips with fear of failure and like my tag mate, to stop being scared.

3) To complete, stage and then finish the film development of my co-written full scale musical. I have been informed in the past that the musical is "a biggie: extracted from a similar mould as Les Mis" and will need "large amounts of moolah and a BIG theatre to do it justice - and, oh, it would make a fantastic film too". The only part left to finish of the stage version is the final Requiem Mass (large parts of which are indeed in Latin), which has been left for superstitious purposes. The screenplay has a fair bit of work to be done on it. Sir Cam, Sir Andy or anyone with a few mill sitting in a Mega Maxi ISA / offshore account, do drop me a note. Let's do lunch.

4) To have my pet screenplay - the one I keep coming back to and obsessing over again and again - produced and OUT THERE. There is so much being said in the screenplay, sometimes it scares me rigid. I often wonder if I wrote it subliminally as there are chunks info in it that I don't remember researching.

5) To ensure all those around me are healthy, hale and hearty; if they're not, at least try and cheer them up a bit with some ridiculous anecdotes.

Wow, that really took a lot of thinking - I could actually go on right up to number ten, but I 'm not going to. Now it's my turn to tag some other peeps - remember to keep the links going guys.

Here goes:

Lucy Vee - Bang2Write
Lianne - Light & Shade
Potdoll - My Forehead is Bleeding
Jackson - Pillock's Pad


  1. ;)

    Knew you'd love me for it!

  2. Okay, had a go. I focused mine on the writing aspect of my life--please assume all the love stuff is a given.

  3. I have duly obliged, Lara. I enjoyed it!

  4. You've got a pet called screenplay?

    Thanks for the advice. In the end I managed to fight off the creeping death.

  5. Lianne & Pots - great stuff. I like your reason for not tagging anyone Pots! You cyber-havoc creator, you ;)

    GD - I think that would be "my pet, Screenplay...", would it not? ;p Very glad to hear you dodged the plague, though.

  6. I would indeed.

    Aw, I was just joshing with ya.