Friday, June 08, 2007

Rantings & Ratings

Here's a little something from "Variety" this week - I found it mildly amusing.

Hyphenates add fresh take to genres

In Britain, where a "season" of a show might easily be six carefully crafted episodes, it's commonplace to see a Ricky Gervais write every script and star in every episode. American TV, though, with its 20-plus episode seasons, has long adopted a tidy assembly-line approach: Writers work in the writers' room, actors on the set."

The report then carries on to state there is a whole new clutch of writer-performers in the U.S. battling away the hours both on set and in the writers' room - but the general worry is the length of day they work esentially doing two jobs...although, the outcome is proving good, regardless.

Well, after years of us being successful multi-talented multi-taskers, I am sure once the U.S. have got the hang of the UK-style, they'll be fine. Bless.

Other things to have caught my attention this week, other than the fact The Kid hasn't made an appearance yet?

I see the Ch4 documentary on Diana failed abysmally in it's 'mass ratings coup'. Whilst 6.2 million watched Surallan do his stuff on "The Apprentice", 3.8 million tuned in to watch "Diana - the Witness in the Tunnel" - not too bad, but I bet they were hoping for more - and they only received 2000 complaints - most of which were received before the programme went to air. That makes it alright then.

Did anyone really believe the documentary was going to reveal the real truth behind it all? Guys, there are some things we will never know. Ever. End of. And you can take that as you read it - conspiratorial, fait a complis, whichever.

And finally, last night's "Big Brother" managed to convince 4.6m to tune in to see the much publicised racist slur. What more can I say?

Pass me that self-labotomy kit - or a ticket to the U.S.


  1. Norman Mailor, in his book, Oswald's Tale, concluded that a lone loser really did kill Kennedy. And that's the mad, random world we live in. Conspiracy theorists, he confessed, are really about looking for order. If Kennedy died as a result of a vast, evil conpiracy, then things make sense, happen for a reason. Same with Diana.

  2. Mmmm. An interesting point that, but I do think finding order from chaos is an innate human inclination...

  3. Absolutely! We're always looking for a story. Some of them are true.

  4. Finding order from chaos is what everyone wants, right? Especially Stephen Merchant who, according to Variety, is sitting around doing bugger all.

    No appearance yet?

  5. No, nothing yet GD - Stephen Merchant is not the only one sitting around doing bugger all!