Tuesday, June 05, 2007


And there goes another week. It's been a mighty busy few days or so.

I'm glad to say the
short script is done, dusted and gone to the BSSC (many thanks to those who offered to read on the 'next' round on Pof3 but it was pretty much 'there'-ish - I will, of course, impose something else on you three in the not too distant future!), and much to my delight, the V+ Box seems to have had a word with itself and stopped turning everyone on TV a lighter shade of alien. It's always quite nice when technology sorts itself out.

On the other hand, I have been living in a bit of a bubble for the last few days and have not had the labotomy which would enable me to watch any BB on the aforementioned technology. But to top off all that bubble living, I have been having some major weird aches and pains which would suggest that The Kid is imminently about to make an appearance in the world - so, get the cyberchampers on ice, guys and gals.

This coming weekend is not only D-Day for me and The Kid, but it also features the most courses/masterclasses to be held over a few days, than I have ever heard of in my entire life.

If you are attending
Adrian Mead's bound-to-be-brilliant course, "The Long Distance Screen Writer" or Paul Ashton's appearance & talk at the Women Writer's Network, or Vogler's "The Writer's Journey", or Living Spirit's "Making it in Hollywood", or Rona Munro's "Writing, A Survival Guide", or Channel 4's "Four Days in June" (although, strictly speaking this is on next week), then please do post a comment here or a link back to your blog so all those afflicted with the wretched scourge, "cannotmakeit-itis", can read about the fantastic day/days the panacea-discovering rest of you had.

Looking ahead to TV this weekend (and programmed into my V+ in case I go into labour - that would be typical), the first part of Danny Brocklehurst's much anticipated "Talk To Me" starts at 21:30, Sunday 10th June, ITV. You can read how the series came about here and more about the man himself, here. I'm hoping it's going to be a good one to watch.

Right, I'm off to play with the baby monitor or something.


  1. Well, I'm not going to any of these. Obviously wasn't paying attention when they were flagged.

    If you're getting bored in the run up to expelling a tiny human, I'm in the final stages of ripping the guts out of a script and in need of a reader's feedback. Should be finished by tomorrow. Interested?

  2. Good luck with BSSC!

    I just got word that I've got a place on a course this weekend. It's 9-6 both days, so not sure I'll have any energy left to go to the Paul Ashton thing after work on Monday, which of course I promised to blog about. But I will try!

  3. GD - yes, by all means, send it on through - I owe you one!

    Lianne - great to hear you got on that course...you mean there's another one running that weekend too!?! Have a great time & if you make it to the Paul Ashton talk, post a link back here.