Sunday, May 04, 2008

Greater London?

Had a great day out in Boris' London yesterday.  

The tubes ran on time, sun shone on the South Bank, people smiled & laughed, the crowds veered slowly en masse in Covent Garden, strolled casually in Leicester Square and swaggered in Regent Street, and all the time The Kid clapped, waved furiously and beamed his infectious two-tooth grin at every passer by.

After buying Hamleys and then circumnavigating the rest of London for a tube station with pushchair access (there really aren't that many centrally) we decided Bond Street would do - even a grand amount of stairs didn't dampen the spirits - and headed home.  All tube connection timings were just perfect.  No delays. Even the possible moments of mortal embarrassment as The Kid repeatedly lurched towards the man on the seat behind and tried to remove his toupé, became quite the funniest thing everyone on the tube had seen. 

Ahhhh.  There really is no place like London in the sun, especially when it all runs like clockwork.

Boris please take note.

Oops, nearly forgot.  May the 4th Be With You.  ;)

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