Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who Lives in a Lift Like This?

Being an avid stair user, I always take the stairs instead of a lift or escalator.  So, whilst on my way to film some interviews earlier in the week, imagine my sheer horror when I decided to take the Covent Garden Tube station elevator only to discover Loyd Grossman stuck on top of me? Well, his voice that is, not him in person.  At least I don't think it's actually him - unless TFL have wedged him in the escape hatch.  I know he is connected to museums & heritage, but I was so shocked to hear his dulcet tones I couldn't tell you what he was recommending I go and take a look at.  Whatever it was, it was surely a missed opportunity...

Talking of missed opportunities, don't miss this one: if anybody needs more information about BBCs "Sharps", then wing your way over to this page and have your Qs A'd.

And whilst we're on the subject of Qs being A'd: the Writers Room has now published their full transcript of Matthew Graham & Ashley Pharoah's Q&A session, which makes an interesting read.

See what I did there?  Just like my interviewing skills, that was darn slick.  

Lol. ;0)


  1. Last time I was in the lifts there it was Johnny Vaughan blathering on about all the touristy things.

    Our little metal box was about two-thirds full so when JV paused, I commented, "This is the biggest audience he's had for ages!"

    Oh, how we laughed. For a bit.

    So you don't take the stairs at Covent Garden? Lightweight. I used to when I was at the art school. Working for the animation studio the nearest tube was Goodge Street and I used to take the stairs there. Until I wised up.

  2. I always take the stairs! That's my point - you see the things you miss out on through fitness? I just thought as I was due to be filming I would be better arriving slightly less sweaty!

  3. I figured that was your reason. My problem was I'd end up taking the stairs two at a time so by the time I got to the top I was a bit out of breath and made sparking up and taking that first drag difficult.

    Having quit the fags but taken up the food, I think I need to get back up the stairs.

  4. Oh GD, as an ex smoker too, the memory of that first long drag after you've just caught your breath, is fantastic!

    My other reason for not taking the CG stairs is that I ALWAYS get stuck behind someone very slow & unfit and feel like I am going to have to perform CPR at some point in the climb. I really didn't want to be too late for my call!