Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Join the Zeitgeist

Just a very quick post from me as time is precious/short/ticking by [delete as you feel appropriate] and deadlines for a million and one things are snapping at my heels.

The following has been brought to my attention & is worth further investigation if you fancy turning your scriberly (wtf?) hand to a bit of theatre writing.  These guys describe themselves as, "staging topical, new writing that's relevant to modern times".  I don't have any affiliation with them - it was just something passed on to me, so please check out all their credentials for yourself.  For further information, their website is

Seeking short, sharp and witty theatre plays for a popular and unique event in South London. Scripts must not be more than eight minutes long, require no more than five actors and have very basic lighting/sound/set requirements. The emphasis is on originality, variety and entertainment. Please send script or scripts with a short writer biog to 

ALL writers must be based in or around London and able to attend the late-August. DEADLINE: 21st July 2008

A rare opportunity for writers with none or few credits to have work staged alongside more established writers. Plays must be one-act long, no more than twenty
 minutes and on a current theme/political issue. There is a £6 entry/reading fee for this. Scripts, fee and a short biog to be sent to: NEW PLAY COMPETITION, UNIT 12, IMPERIAL WORKS, FOUNTAYNE ROAD, LONDON N15 4QL.  Deadline: end of July. Payment to: Zeitgeist Theatre.

Good luck if you go for it!  That's all from me just now.


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