Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bring Me Sunshine

Wow. Being sarcastically positive really works.

Today the sun shone, shone, and then shone some more.  In fact it shone so much, I managed to get all the shots I needed - plus quite a few additional ones - of my three very busy little girls.  They looked perfect, did as they were directed and ate ice cream afterwards with aplomb.  We even had time to hit the paddling pools to cool off a bit before lunch.

Today completed the 'shoot' part of my short: now for the edit and my nose being firmly pressed to some random grindstone. Crikey m'lord, we're nearly there.


  1. Whheeeeee! So glad you got it and the sun shone down.

    Can't wait to see it. x

  2. Ta H & PD. Just haven't been able to contain myself this evening - have been whizzing through the footage already. I made couple of really annoying errors - you live and learn and all that - but hopefully it'll cut together ok & all will be well! x

  3. If there's one thing nicer than buttercup cough syrup, it's ice cream with a plomb.

    Congrats on a successful day. Nice when things go to plan.