Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hi peeps

Well, that's me all done and dusted in my quest for total self-annihilation.  And you'll note from my swanky updated badge to the right - I'm apparently now 'A Winner'.

My final word count (pre-editing/faffing/adding/deleting) has come in at just over 52,314 which is fine by me.  I actually found it really difficult winding up the story as I have struck up quite a relationship with these characters over the last 20 days.  I'll miss them and their ridiculous lives, but there's always room for a sequel or two, of course...

Right from Day 1 of NaNoWriMo I knew I really needed to nail the whole novel by the end of Week 3 or Day 21, so I am very glad to have achieved that slightly earlier than even I had originally anticipated.   I always knew I had a ridiculously busy end of month coming up - and in no uncertain terms, the mayhem starts very soon.  After clearing a load of odds and ends next week, I have a short screenplay and CBeebies submission to complete, and then before I know it,  it'll be Christmas. 

And so, back to finishing NaNoWriMo: to celebrate I am going to bed early without any storylines running around my head all night like a waking dream (or nightmare).  Tomorrow I am going to create my book cover for a laugh and then attend to hugely boring things like washing, ironing and removing the six inches of dust that has accumulated since I have been stuck to my "Taking the Fast Lane" keyboard.

Just like to say "Keep Going!" to my NaNoWriMo buds Laura, Stevyn and Elinor and a big 'Thanks' to all those who have left encouraging messages and really lovely comments.  If I feel brave enough next week, I will paste up Chapter One for your delectation.  Perhaps.



  1. Congratulations. And finishing early too. I don't think I could manage it for the full month.

  2. Thank you, Rach! It's been a rollercoaster ride & well worth trying out yourself next year - honest!

  3. Why, thank you kind sir! I can't say 8.84 million people will ever see it/enjoy it, but it's been fun all the same. x

  4. Blimey, a week early? My hat is well and truly doffed! Well done!

  5. Congratulations! Well done! Will you give it a good rest before you start the rewrites?

  6. Laura, Li, John & Andy - thanks for cheers, hat doffing and all! x

    Andy - I certainly will give it *at least* a couple of weeks - although awaiting workflow will dictate what happens next, to be honest! x