Monday, November 03, 2008

Silent Scripts & NaNoWriMo Update

Right, you Lovelies - it's a quick fire round today...

First up, I'm going to tell you about a fab opportunity based in London.  If you want a 'real job' (well, on a PAYE fixed term contract or attachment; 3 days a week from 1st December '08 until April then F/T until early May if project is greenlit) and have the ability/experience to be the next Series Script Editor for "Silent Witness", click HERE for full details. What a great job!  Here - please take my right arm in exchange for the position...

Moving on. As you may know, I stupidly entered myself for this year's NaNoWriMo which started on Saturday, but I always knew I'd get off to a late-ish start as writing at the weekends is pretty much out for me.  I tried my best to get as much done after 7pm once The Kid had gone to bed but needless to say, not a huge amount of the black stuff got stuck on the page.  At least I have made a start though, and once I get the word counter thingy working on the Blog you'll all be able to spy on my feeble attempt!  I guess I am just going to have to catch up with double word counts on the two days The Kid is at nursery.  

'The Book' doesn't actually have a title yet, which is very strange for me, as that is normally the first flicker of my creative candle.  It also has a lot of sweary words, smut and bad language so far, which is very naughty of me and totally out of character. ;)

So far, I know Laura is doing exceptionally well with her word count, Elinor has gone a bit quiet, so I'm not sure how it's going over at the Convent, and after checking in to say Hi, I now know Stevyn is taking a stab at it too for the first time.  I think he started his writing on the same day as me, so it's good to know I'm not the only one! However, his word count has already whipped my ass in line. Stevyn has also decided to 'Blog his Novel' as he writes it, which was something I had considered but whimped out. Perhaps I'll do it when I feel a little happier I have produced more than 10 worthy words.

Laters guys.



  1. Sigh. I know what you mean. Weekends are out for me too.

    Still, it's only for November.

  2. I found it much easier to write today than at the weekend. Don't have any little people running about or the like, but it's hard to shake that weekend feeling sometimes!

  3. Hey ho girls - I seem to be developing dyslexic finger syndrome too. Everything I type is written the wrong way round. *sigh*