Sunday, November 16, 2008

Where does time go?

Hello from the other side.  The other side of 25,000 words that is.

It's been a strange week for me - 
  1. I've had The Kid with a blood filled mouth and bleeding nose after falling on the floor and impaling his lower lip with three top teeth, his upper gum with two lower teeth and bashing his nose all at the same time (and yes, I panicked. A lot.); 
  2. I've said "Ta-ra 'til the New Year" to my Mummy dearest, who's off to play the campest Evil Queen Snow White will ever have come across in Pantoland;   
  3. I've cleared up little pools of sick, after The Cat ate one of The Kid's errant grapes (I think) ; 
  4. I've cleared up so many leaves from the Tenacious Towers' grounds I am beginning to think they breed on the floor of the vast orchard; 
  5. I've been shocked at how much Anton du Beke is gradually morphing into Brucie;  
  6. I've been avidly watching our graciously returned Sky 1 (that didn't take too long did it Virgin..?) in the vain hope that something else other than 'Ross Kemp on Everything' will be on.
But just for a laugh, I've also partaken in that old game "half fall/half slide down the stairs" whilst rushing to grab The Kid's teddy for cuddles.

On the up side, I didn't fall completely as I had grabbed onto the bannister; on the down side, I grabbed with the arm that had previously been privy to a dislocated shoulder so writing has been interesting.  I also crushed two toes on one of the spindley thingies. Ouch. Obviously, my utter silence as I limped down the stairs spoke louder than any words, as The Kid said "Uh-oh" and pulled out the chenille throw which is reserved for cold winter nights, illness and /or injury cuddles.  In amongst all this madness and mayhem, I have of course be slotting in keyboard hammering flashes, where I sit talking to myself like a demented mad woman, and create NaNoWriMo stylee.

Having now passed 36,000 words, I am onto the fourth (and final) part of "Taking the Fast Lane", which seems incredible - not the novel, but just the feat!  It's been a fascinating journey to sit down with nothing and create something.  Obviously still being at least 14,000 words off, I am hoping it won't be too rough a ride.  The whole NaNoWriMo experience so far has been brilliant  and has been made even better by the Pep Talk emails we receive. So far we've had wise words from Philip Pullman, Jonathan Stroud, Katherine Paterson, Meg Cabot and many from NaNoWriMo founder, Chris Baty at HQ.  If you are interested in reading any of the pep talks they are available online here.

I was also able to breathe a sigh of relief on Friday when a fairly hefty envelope from Screen East plopped in the letter box advising me (one envelope, four separate letters inside) that each of my screenplays had been received and logged.  I had started to panic a bit as four Royal Mail bags full of post had been found abandoned in a field in my area - and of course I had convinced myself my screenplays were in there...the acknowledgement letters weren't due until Friday, but I had nonetheless convinced myself my creations were being sifted by CID for prints.  Or something.

Anyway, if I get short listed for an interview then I should know early December.  If I am successful after the interview, it'll be a great Christmas, I tell you.  

Right, before cracking on with a few more pages of the novel, I'm off to see who out of the "Celebrity" jungle inmates, has had the most surgery.  Hmmm. Let me think....

I am loving the Red London Bus - it must have been dumped there after the closing ceremony in Beijing.



  1. I've had a fear of falling on my teeth since I was a little girl - hope the Kid is ok. (Shudder)

    Congrats on the word count - you're doing brilliantly! x

  2. Thanks Laura - glad to say The Kid is fine now. Quite amazing how quickly the mouth heals, but not as amazing as how much blood poured out. *Jeez*

    I hit a big wall last night with the writing, so I was very hacked off! Gotta keep on though! Well done to you too, matey - you're very nearly on the home run! x

  3. Congrats doll you are an inspiration! Sorry to hear about both of your accidents. Hope your shoulder and toes are ok. :(

    And congrats to your Mum! Tell her I'm looking forward to seeing some photos!

    off to read those pep talks now xx

  4. Ta hunny! Those peps talks are really good, I think - there's an awful lot in them I will be remembering when I return to screenplay writing next week!

    Toes are a bit bruised still (and bloody sore), but my shoulder is f**ked - again. Nothing I can do other than the exercises the physio gave me years ago and crank up the yoga to a few times a week. Other than that it's a huge op, so forget that.

    When I get a poster from the Panto I'l put it online! Arf! She'll kill me! When are you in Scotland? If it's after the 27th you could catch her... xxx

  5. i'm off on the 24th... whereabouts is she on?


  6. Her opening night is 27th I think but it's in Ayr (south of Glasgow) not in the city...I'm hoping to pop up for a couple of days once things have quietened a bit. It'll be very strange to go back to where I grew up! x

  7. ah, not sure i'll be able to go then. :(

    you'll have to take pics!

  8. Ah, there will be plenty of those, no doubt, Pots! x