Friday, November 07, 2008

Short films, Short books and a Short Fuse.

Hello again lovelies.

Actually I don't have a short fuse today - as per my post title - but thought it sounded more interesting. Tsk.

Just another quick dip in and out for me just now as a lot of today has been spent running through piles of leaves in the park, pushing swings with all my might and then trying to get the odd word typed here and there.   Time is very precious at the moment and I have to run my days like a Sandhurst text book operation, squeezing in all the usual stuff as well as keeping on top of my obsessive word count for NaNoWriMo.  As of last night "Taking the Fast Lane" was sitting at 12,680 words, so it's moving on.

First up, a couple more job opportunities:
  1. Assistant Script Editor, BBC Drama Series & Serials, London : 6 month fixed term contract/Attachment (Maternity cover)
  2. Script Editor , BBC Drama Series & Serials, London: 1 x 12 month fixed term contract/attachment and 1 x 6 month fixed term contract/Attachment (Mat Cover)
Well, back to NaNoWriMo.  It *seems* to be going ok, apart from the fact I keep panicking myself by thinking I'm running out of plot/words/fingers.  I have now completed "Part One" (of four) of the book and am wading my way into "Part Two".  When I had two minutes spare yesterday (a bit like now), I very bravely filled in the 'synopsis' and 'excerpt sections' of the  'Novel Info' page on the NaNoWriMo site, so if you want to read what kind of trash a totally unplanned novel reads like (no editing has taken place), then please feel free to check it out here. [Please note: it contains bad language, bad imagery & more than likely very bad writing].  

Urgh. I'm probably really going to regret that, aren't I?  [There's still time to remove the link... No!  Be brave, Tenacious'll be ok - they're all lovely your bloggie-buds...]

Other than that, not a lot has been happening apart from the usual day to day writerly drift.  

I am still waiting to see what happens with my film, "three" - the closing date was the end of August and no decision has been made yet (the second round has also now closed...)!  So that really has been the longest wait on earth.  Never mind, next Monday is the closing date for Screen East's DigiBytes and Digital Nation , and seeing as they have a strict timetable to adhere to, all final decisions after interviews etc (hopefully) should be revealed just before Christmas.

Have a good weekend all.  Not sure what I'm  up to...ha ha ha. Onwards.


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  2. I very much enjoyed reading your very interesting synopsis and I very much hope that you have VERY great success with this project. Actually I really do enjoy your witty writing both in your book and here on this blog. I must admit that I did not understand a couple of things from your story. The last line read: "He only turned up once a month but like PMT, she fucking hated ‘Dylan Mondays’."

    I don't know what PMT is (maybe a British way of saying PMS?) and I can not guess what 'Dylan Mondays' are.

  3. Hey Marty - welcome to Tenacious Towers! Your assumption with reference to PMT/PMS is indeed correct - here, on our side of the pond (sorry, I presume you are Stateside?) we refer to it as a "tension" as opposed to a "syndrome"...I guess it's easier to get the pain relief drugs cheaper/easier over the counter if we call it 'tension'!!!!

    As for 'Dylan Mondays' - this excerpt is taken from around halfway through the first chapter, where I believe I explain the term. (However, I'm just gonna check now!!!) The excerpt was chosen because it contains the *cleanest* couple of paras I could muster from the early chapters! LOLOLOL.

    Are you taking part in this madness, Marty? x

  4. are you going to apply for one of those jobs doll? xx

  5. I don't think so, Pots - I feel as though I *potentially* have an awful lot coming up in the New Year, but of course if it all falls through then I'll be keeping my eyes peeled next year - although not sure I really have the right experience for these jobs!

    Just thought someone out there might be looking for a a contract here or there...


  6. oh i see. that's good then. it wouldn't leave you much time for writing and creating if you got a full time job.


  7. Tell me about it!!! How's the course going? xxx

  8. It's ok but I'll be glad when it's finished. xx

  9. At least it's not forever - you must be shattered with everything! xxx

  10. Full time jobs - boooooooooooooo!

    Not enough money doing freelance - also boooooooooo!

    Still, least I have lots of relatives to buy me things for Xmas to last me the rest of the year.

  11. Lucy - at least they're fixed term contracts...would the nearest to a 'salary' without the f/t chain! x