Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hi - Bye

Hello little ones

I was just popping by to pick up a change of clothes and thought I'd stick my head into the cyberscribe for a peek. Looks like you have all been behaving impeccably. How very dull.

Well, I shan't be lingering I'm afraid, as I still have lots of working ground to cover on one thing or another plus there's an extremely busy week ahead of me, zipping here, there and everywhere. I tell you, lords and ladies, blink and you'll miss me. I also am lead to believe, from the pages of my diary, that I have a zillion deadlines looming around me, so I shall have to be extremely work clever / time smart this week, for sure. 

Well, once again - you know the rules.  But this time, at least give me something to "Oooooooh" at when I get back.

Have fun watching The Oscars but don't eat too much popcorn.  You'll only get a sore stomach again.

Stay true to The Tenacity.



  1. Ah, but I've watched a lot of thrillers. They say they are going away then they sneak back to catch you.

    Of course this could be a very complex thriller where you say you're going then you sneak back then say you are going again then sneak back again then...

    Oh dear. This is doing my head in.

    Anyway I hope Perfect goes perfectly and we'll try really hard not to throw up in your best crystal while you're away.

    Ok. She gone now? Paaaarteeee.

  2. Well it's been a long time since I've been trusted with an empty house. Can't understand why. The last one had an electrical problem. The pryomaniac incident was nothing to do with me.