Friday, February 13, 2009

The Week That Now Was

Well hello there, you little bundles of fun.

It's been a busy week - there's no denying that.  

Having only just vaguely recovered from the brain drain exhaustion that was due to the exceptionally brilliant Digital Shorts training last week, I then launched a full attack on my project in general - resulting in a much tighter incarnation of "Perfect".  I am really very much liking this one. This one feels good and we're on target. Nice. Love it. Bloody superb.  

I have also had quite a few meetings to run through various ideas for cast, crew and general logistics. Everyone needs a wonderful Producer, I tell you. (But I have to say that, right?) Arf. ;) 

So, all in all a totally knackering week - which, of course, included a fellow scribey drinkie session. As usual, a great night had by all and it was lovely to catch up with the usual suspects Arnopp, Beckley, Barron, Campbell, Colgan, Lemon, Perry & Turner. I even met some lovely new suspects this time too, which was all very exciting as they hadn't heard any of my shit before. Fantabulous, I tell you.

Have a super weekend all.