Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hello all

Just to let you know I am signing offline for a little while-ette. I have a vast amount of stuff to do and have just received my notes on my film, Perfect, which quite frankly reflect it is far from it's title.

All these online ditherings are too much of a distraction for now. Play nicely people.

Shall see you all on the other side.



  1. Good Luck! Stay Tenacious!! You will be missed!!!

  2. Thanks Marty - fear not - it won't be for too long! Remain faithful to The Tenacity. x

  3. I know where you're coming from, Lara. I'm busy, busy myself. In fact, I've been thinking how good you are to keep up the blogging as much as you have been.

  4. I never said I'd duck out of my own comments section...

    El - thanks love. I'll need it.
    Andy - I have been genetically spliced. There are two of me.
    NB - Cheeky. I'm trying, M'am.
    Steve - As long as you're waiting with my mms...

  5. it always gets worse before it gets better. you'll get there. SOON.


  6. Darkest hour and dawn, eh, Pots? x