Monday, February 16, 2009

Oooh, Hello There

Well hello there, you sweetest little things.

I think I may have been bleating the same mantra for a while now - you know the one? The b-u-s-y mantra? Well, last week and the weekend have proven to be the mere tip of the iceberg, I tell you, but it's all good and that's all we need concern ourselves with, isn't it, sugar?

I started writing some deeply disturbing work a little while ago - really not my usual 'type' of stuff at all which generally tends to be quite disturbing dressed up as something cosy. No, this is deeply disturbing, stripped bare naked. Although it's quite a revelation to be writing like this,  I have no idea where these torrents have come from; but that's enough about that for now otherwise I may have to delete your memory and re-boot.

So my Digital Shorts script, "Perfect", is now with Screen East for comment. I do hope it goes down well as that would be pretty fantabulous, however, I am sure there will still be work to do. It ain't over 'til it's over, and all that, but I have been working on my creative vision for the piece, basically just settling on the final look and feel I would like to create. It's all very, very exciting to be honest and I love it. I'm quite besotted with this film now, which is really weird. I liked it a lot before, but now I is livin', breathin' and eatin' it, man. Tasty.

I have also had a little reminder of looming pre-production for a horror shoot that I'll be co-directing on - it had been put on the back-burner until a more opportune time and so that time will be fast approaching in the Spring/Summer. More about this at a later date, methinks.

Well, other than mentioning the fact I squeezed in a little voiceover jobette this morning, that's all there is to say, then.  

I hope you all had a wonderfully lush weekend of Valentine's squishiness and here's to a super-duper week ahead.

Onwards sweeties. Always onwards.

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