Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Story So Far

A little taster of Mark Spencer's beautiful stills from the shoots last week...as you will see, two very different days. Thanks to all again.


"Runner" - Cast
Alan McKenna - Josh
Mary Healey - Viv
Mari Gordon- Price - Edie
Morgan Deare - Shopkeeper


"Hostile" - Cast
Annette Ross - Charlotte

Crew - "Runner" & "Hostile"
Director of Photography - Neil Oseman
Camera Assistant - Colin Smith ("Hostile"); Max Welch ("Runner")
Production Designer - Jess Alexander
Design Assistant - Alison Bowman 
Props Assistants - Callina Pearson, Molly Lardner
Stills Photographer - Mark Spencer
Make Up, Prosthetics Artist & Wardrobe Continuity - Lucy 'Darkness' King
Spark - Max Welch
Sound Recordist/Boom Op - Sophie Shelton
Production Co-Ordinator - Peter Getkahn
Production Lawyer - Sam Terry
Editor - Neil Douek
Music - Neil Douek
Writer, Director & Producer - Lara Greenway


  1. They do, don't they - well done, Lara (and collaborators) xx

  2. Thanks, guys. All the links now work! grrrr! x

  3. Assemblies coming along nicely...

  4. Who likes to rock da party? She likes to rock da party!

    Bit of a Conchords riff there to sum up how rocking everything looks. Sweet.