Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hostile Thoughts

Yesterday saw me conducting a little off-the-cuff market research. "Hostile" is nearing completion and so I wanted to test it's PG/U viability on a minor - enter Subject S, who, you have to understand, is like something out of "Charlie and Lola".

As she watched the film, I gauged her reactions, most of which were accompanied with a screwed up nose. At the end of it, I asked her what she thought in general: "S'good. But it probably smells." she replied.  

"How do you know it smells?" I asked her, curious, as this is what I had hoped an adult may feel, let alone a child.  

"'Cos there's loads of yuk food lying around, and it's dirty. There probably isn't even proper toilet paper or anything." was Subject S's reply. Very astute, I thought.

"Were you scared at any point?" I probed, wary that the film is quite dark and could appear nightmare-like to a child.  

She shook her head. "No. I just thought she was sad. Why is she sleeping there?" she asked casually. I explained why she was there; Subject S said she understood, but looked a little confused.

"I think she sleeps there on her own, doesn't she?" she replied thoughtfully.  

"Yes, she does." I smiled. "Why do you say that?"

"I don't think her husband sleeps there as he probably sleeps in the next room - which is nice and tidy." At this point she became interested in other things and started to leave. 

"Well, kind of...but why did you think she was sad?" I asked, as Subject S neared the door. 

She rolled her eyes skyward and tutted. "Because she knows she'll need to tidy up before bedtime. Look at the state of her room - I wouldn't want that job!" And off she flounced.

I can't wait to hear what she says about "Runner".


  1. I think you've just found the script for your next short.

  2. Indeed, Sir Campbell, indeed! x